Small companies break through the giants three tricks

is now a small company has developed its own technique, compared with the giants, many people may think that this is in battle. But the following small series will tell you that small companies can also break the giant, which relies on three tricks.

in the spring and Autumn period, China divided into more than and 140 size States, three hundred countries have a war, but generally maintained a stable situation. But by the end of the spring and Autumn period, several major powers in order to expand the territory and intensify the struggle – Zhou room was carved up, most of the small and Middle Kingdom was annexed. In the end, Qi Chuyan Han Zhao seven big countries survived. "Seven independent" means that the arrival of the Warring States period. The change of

1: in the end, navigation website: in addition to the 2345 was sold to non Internet Co, other income have been giants – 360 site navigation and Sogou site navigation is self-evident; Hao123 belongs to Baidu; Google 265 navigation belongs to China.

2, vertical website: due to the migration of the portal, vertical sites and forums rely heavily on search engines, search weights and SEO optimization has become the top priority of the site’s survival.

3, the client in the client: domestic areas, in addition to YY, Meitu Xiu Xiu voice of a few who specialize in areas of the company, other types (browser, input method, audio and video playback, instant messaging, security software) services have been Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, 360 big four coverage.