Wang Yinwei five years ago five years after the battles of entrepreneurial market failure

every entrepreneur has its own story, most of them have experienced a capital of failure, and the winners must be the one from the failure to stand up again. Wang Yinwei after work to big boss, he has been holding the dream of entrepreneurship has not forgotten.

five years, business situation is getting better and better, while working for entrepreneurial projects Wang Yinwei, accumulated more and more, he finally took the market rent to the O2O platform, on the air.


] in the past five years

"has always been a dream"

together, this is his official business of the second projects. As early as five years ago, Wang Yinwei has aimed at the specialty electricity market, ready to do a B2C platform, the integration of the products, to expand platform.

]: the next five years

he should do the "giant


Wang Yinwei while on a class, while looking to break the business at any time, such as online recruitment, P2P etc.. Many of them are about to succeed but eventually died project.

now in this project by the end of 2013, he had the idea. 2014 in July, he embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship again, this time, he thought he stood in the air. There are over 200 million sets of the current stock of housing, including the home of the 100 million sets of rental housing to the group of 100 million. Around the stock room to do the article, promising future." Wang Yinwei said that with the development of mobile Internet, in the four aspects of basic necessities, recommend