Ten large bronze brand rankings

even the same industry products, due to the different selection of materials, the brand will bring a different nature. For this reason, even if the same is the door, there will be a lot of ranking. And here, Xiaobian to introduce the bronze ten brands list, in order to more consumers to purchase bronze as a reference.

ten bronze brand rankings, Kang Yu NO.1: comprehensive architectural decoration enterprises, high-tech enterprises has a strong production and manufacturing capacity, Shanghai Kanyu copper door design Engineering Co Ltd.

ten bronze brand ranking NO.2, Venus copper: professional copper project of domestic large scale high-tech enterprises at the provincial level, the famous brand of Zhejiang intellectual property patent demonstration enterprises, Jinxing Copper Group Co. ltd..

ten bronze brand ranking NO.3, Pu Yu: national key construction project of outstanding enterprises, bronze ten brands, the most influential copper / copper decorative art processing manufacturers, Shanghai Pu Yu copper art decoration Co. ltd..

ten bronze brand ranking NO.4, Su Jun: the earliest bronze production enterprises of the national copper standard drafting units, has participated in a number of national key project construction, Suzhou Junan bronze Engineering Co. ltd..

ten bronze brand rankings, Yongjia NO.5: one of the early entry into the interior door industry enterprises, units to make steel wood interior door industry standard, well-known brand of steel doors, Zhejiang Yongjia real good trade limited company.

ten bronze brand rankings, NO.6 filter: specialized in bronze / copper / copper carved door handrails and decorative arts design / manufacture and service of professional enterprises, ten bronze brand, Zhejiang Feierte trade limited company.

ten bronze brand ranking NO.7, hutch: excellent production enterprise modernization copper doors and windows series products of scientific research, design, customer service service in one of the ten large bronze brand, Shanghai duo copper doors and windows Co. ltd..

ten bronze brand ranking NO.8, Duke: set design / development / manufacturing / sales and service in one of the professional modern industry enterprises, copper industry leader, famous brand, the Duke of Yongkang city door industry limited company.

ten bronze brand ranking NO.9, West State: R & D design / production / sales of the industry enterprises, building door industry leading enterprises, a well-known brand in Hangzhou West, quasi bronze doors, door industry limited company.

ten bronze brand rankings, NO.10 Hui Le Hao: high quality copper art >