ntroduction of the two major business opportunities for Rural Entrepreneurship

in the new era, the countryside is no longer just guarding a few acres of land, began to have more and more people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, you want to succeed in business, nature also need to choose business opportunities. Here, Xiao Bian will be recommended for everyone to start the two business opportunities for rural entrepreneurship.

first, the rental or sale of rural cabins

what are the opportunities for business opportunities in rural areas? Now our country is also strongly encourage the development of rural tourism, farmhouse, leisure farms in rural areas began to rise, the city people like to travel to the countryside, vacation. Like the feeling of a different environment, live in the farmhouse.

so it’s a market that has a small wooden house or a small bamboo house that can be rented or sold to farmers and farms. They are easy to accept, hut can be used for tourists to enjoy life, such as accommodation, meals, entertainment and so on. What are the opportunities for rural entrepreneurship? Such small houses are made of wood or bamboo material to do our country, the cost is not high, the key is the design of the house to be novel, enough features on the line. The market price is good.

two, rural wedding and event venue management

what are the opportunities for business opportunities in rural areas? Now many young men and women yearn for a warm and romantic wedding, will the drama often staged this scene, in a meadow, a long carpet to the wedding scene, with ornaments, flowers, there are many guests, yes, this is many people want the wedding scene.

in fact, in the rural areas is possible, to find a relatively flat, turf, build some beautiful facilities, a novel small house, eye-catching stage, and chic grass on the wooden fence, then decorate some of the atmosphere, let the young bride enjoy more stylish wedding. In addition to the wedding, wedding reception, but also for outsiders to hold some group activities and so on, this site can be operated, venue rental costs are generally thousands of dollars, if combined with some ancillary services, business value can produce more.


sound weird? But as long as we are good at business, such business opportunities is undoubtedly a very large space for development. So, if you are ready to become rich in rural business, such business opportunities will become the object of your consideration?

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