The need for what proved to open a bakery

many of life’s delicacy is let us deeply, such as delicious cakes that you cannot refuse the delicacy, open bakery is not difficult, as long as there is money, shop, to join the brand, but also some details can not be ignored, for example a permit. Bakery is a legitimate business need proof materials, including business license, health permit, and the owner of the discharge declaration and registration certificate of health etc.. Here are the details:

1. engaged in food production and management must first obtain the health administrative department issued a health permit, you can apply for a business license to the administrative department for Industry and commerce.

2. location and decoration design should comply with the hygiene requirements, the design review and project approval must be in the administrative department of health, has completed construction project health inspection approval before bidding for the food hygiene license.

3. small catering industry refers to the production and operation of fixed housing units, the use of an area of 30 ~ 100 square meters of food and beverage industry. Less than 30 square meters shall not engage in the production and operation of the catering industry.

4. before the opening of the county environmental protection bureau shall apply for the sewage declaration registration.

5. personnel must obtain health certificate before they can participate in the work, every year must be physical examination.

6. personnel must accept the national food hygiene knowledge training.

7. procurement of food and raw materials, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to the supply unit for inspection certificate or test certificate. Details can be found on the website of the Beijing municipal health bureau.

to do business, especially in food business, all need a lot of documents, if you really want to engage in such business, pay attention to these materials, the need for what proved to open a bakery? The above one can not be less, has a very important role. For investors, shop early will encounter some obstacles, probably within three months of crop failure, this phenomenon is normal, do not worry, to be sustained and stable to provide good products and good service, so as to set up shop lasting.

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