How to join the dessert than Mommy

said that women are a powerful lever to prop up the economic market, mainly because the girls are born with two hobbies: love, love to buy. Many girls love cake pole, Xiaobian I was no exception, with a view is rather fat dead also don’t starve, look at a popular dessert shop is more important, so Du than Mommy?

[toot than Mommy how]

Du than Mommy headquarters successfully developed in addition to ice cold processing technology, launched an exclusive series of frozen cheese cake "and" flower pot cake ", to fill the gaps in the field of domestic dessert market, more competitive in the market, because of the story for the project named" beep than mommy". Always strong R & D department, the successful launch of 18 product lines, product lines include four seasons, each year there are best-selling single product, the annual hot money.

[toot than mommy to join advantage]

high quality cake, year-round hot: Du rich than Mommy cake product line covers 12 delicious series, cheese cake, drinks, desserts and other 60 kinds of popular single product, to meet the demand of supply and marketing throughout the year, Du than Mommy cake shop selling off-season.

* * * than Mommy join fee]

cake dessert market demand, there are business opportunities to join the shop. Toot mummy cake than the original super low threshold, 20 thousand yuan start, the location of flexible operation, a wide range of consumer groups, stalls, stores are full of popularity, small investment to create high profits.

* * market prospects than Mommy]

the current consumption level, the rapid development of the market of cheese cake, Du than Mommy cake unique brand concept, to fit the market and consumer demand, Du than Mommy cake shop easily earn popularity, business is booming!