The name of the deli should pay attention to three points

give a shop name simple, but want to get a good name, naturally have more attention. In short, if you want to make the shop’s name is better, should pay attention to the natural place can not be ignored. In fact, if you want to cook a good name, only need to pay attention to three points. So, the name of the deli should pay attention to which three points?

says simply, can you name the deli to the main food to name this more intuitive, can also use the owner name, name or name to name, relatively easy to remember. In addition to consider the place name, taste and so on to the name is also a good way. With the name of the food from the following three points.

1. eye-catching, retain the customer’s eye: the name is a symbol of the deli. People in the subconscious, often by the name of a person be strangers to each other to make a preliminary judgment, the name is also plays a subtle role in this. According to the principle of marketing experience and deli, deli name should be easy to read, easy to write, easy to remember and etc.. In other words, the name must be simple, clear and easy to distinguish.

2. catchy, retain customers tongue: Deli name out loud, easy to spread between people, and not with homophonic bad. The Deli is often a place for people to meet, and people usually make appointments by telephone, so the name of the deli must be easy to understand, avoid the use of confusing, homophonic or associative text.

3. content, keep the guests brain: many operators may have hope Deli will soon become rich, the name also love to take a relatively straightforward but with vulgar name, such as "lucky", "treasure", these names will often inadvertently reveal mercenary business mentality sometimes, will cause resentment guests, even sniff at.

in the current situation of fast-paced life, people are increasingly demanding for a variety of cooked food, because of this, open a Deli has become a lot of investors intend to. But want to successfully open a deli, the name also need to pay attention to the above three points.