Chongqing hot pot noodle shop to join the five factors

in the rise of a variety of food and beverage stores, Chongqing hot pot rice noodle shop is everywhere, with the increase in stores, site selection has become an important factor in the development of store operators. How to choose the right store location in Chongqing rice noodle restaurant, can be considered from the following aspects:

first, meet the visibility principle. Chongqing Hot pot noodle shop to join the evaluation level visibility way is to look at the Chongqing Hot pot stores from several directions were observed, generally the best stores directly facing the streets or other customers can directly see the location. Huafei catering training thought Chongqing to join the best location from the Hot pot noodle exposure point of view, to be in the "Golden Horn silver", which also can attract more consumers to stop.

second, the principle of convenience. This is a Huafei main performance should be as close as possible to the customer site or the convenience of customers come to the restaurant location in the location. Such as the flow is more concentrated, convenient transportation stations, parks, entertainment, residential areas, shopping areas, and so on, but also should consider the flow characteristics and the characteristics of stay. For the convenience of Chongqing were very useful to join Hot pot shop, because Chongqing Hot pot noodle as delicacy is to rely on parity, mass consumption, only the number of consumers will be more profitable, more stores.

third to meet market principles. Chongqing Hot pot noodle to join the shop location, size, facilities and equipment, food grade content and services should be based on the target market as the starting point, the site should be as far as possible convenient target source, and belongs to the tourist area coincides with the target. Chongqing Hot pot stores in Chongqing Hot pot noodle noodle, the ideal region is a large floating population, near the shopping district, the main road near colleges and other places; if the dining environment is elegant, exquisite service and appliances, such Hot pot stores Chongqing noodle best open in the areas where the core residential areas, financial institutions etc..

fourth, to meet the stability principle. The site should be as far as possible to choose a relatively stable regional economy and security, but also consider the selected key locations in the expected operating period cannot be subject to city expansion and transformation, the influence of the illegal, which relates to the future profitability of Chongqing noodle shop Hot pot.

fifth, return on investment principle. Chongqing Hot pot noodle as low investment, simple operation, high recovery quality projects, to fully assess the relevant provisions of the land, rent, infrastructure costs, labor costs, raw material supply, various taxes and so on cost factors in the site, and predict the future sales of stores, and may encounter problems in the process of operation.

is now the food and beverage market has emerged in a variety of food and beverage stores in Chongqing characteristics, and for the Chongqing hot rice noodle shop to join those who want to run a successful market place, recommend