Personalized hand painted 80 business income of 20 thousand

is a creative personality and can not be a lack of content in the whole business process, especially in today’s society, commodity production situation is still very serious, the pursuit of customers demand for products is still relatively new in order to be different and strong.

a double value of more than ten million ordinary white canvas shoes, a cost of 5 yuan white T, in a special paint painting manual the various creative patterns, can sell 60-120 yuan, the price doubled ten times…… Nowadays, there are a number of personalized hand-painted stores on the market, so that another way investors tasted the sweetness of the creative industry.

business opportunities due to individual choice

location around the university to open shop


2011 in May, hand-painted shop was officially opened, 6 square meters of shops, covered with Joe carefully drawn more than and 300 t-shirts. At that time, he did not hold too much hope, do a good job of the psychological preparation of the passenger flow. But   unexpectedly, opened on the day of selling more than 500 yuan. Soon, the store opened a certain reputation, coupled with the weather, in hot summer season T-shirt customers, streamed to them, especially   fashion students. In addition, many customers want to DIY, then, Joe and neighbor rented shop, for the customer to draw.

in store customers gradually stable, Joe day 20 pieces of clothing, daily turnover of nearly 1000 yuan. Autumn and winter cold weather, hand-painted T-shirts business as summer is hot, he tricks to attract customers, some picturesque masks, long sleeved shirts, scarves, cloth, the store remained popular enough.

and Joe full-time hand-painted different, a student at Hubei University of Technology in Yuan Yan, the network store spare time to maintain the hand is more like a fun nature. She told reporters that the main store hand-painted wooden board phase   recommend