A vegetarian food stores catering business new fashion

what can we do in the end, we need to combine market analysis. In short, if you want to do a hot business, you need to take into account the market in the end what kind of demand. With the catering market, open a fast food stores, is undoubtedly a good choice for fashion.

Pouilly vegetarian, always feel homely fare, hard to get in good taste. However, with the renewal of the concept of people’s diet, healthy green food has become the new darling of the people on the table, the traditional color flavor and taste with a light taste, but also the formation of fresh air in recent years, the diet is still.

ham sausage, roast suckling pig, sea cucumber, a variety of food in front of you, if you do not say, you can not guess this is vegetarian dishes do. Just in the Guangzhou International Food Festival to promote their own development and production of deep processing of vegetarian dishes Li Weidong told reporters: in Guangzhou, vegetarian food is not limited to tofu, fresh mushrooms!

entrepreneurial story: from the end plate to do vegetarian dishes

Li Weidong after graduating from high school into the community’s first job, is in the hotel, the end plate". Later, Li Weidong entered a Yuexiu District food service company, the company is located in Guangzhou next to the famous ancient temple Guangxiao temple. Li Weidong contacted many vegetarian pilgrims, also met a lot of agent vegetarian food products company.

Li Weidong found that vegetarian in the so-called gourmet capital of Guangzhou, although only a small flower, but there is a big market. Guangzhou has many large temples, there are many nunneries and temple, for vegetarian food is not only a family needs, society on a large number of Buddhist disciple and vegetarian also created a large market space. Before long, Li Weidong started his own company.

expert weapon: please teach people to cook vegetarian dishes

in the mouth of Li Weidong, vegetarian dishes can be described as a variety of items, and packaging neat, clean, and even some of the "trendy". Li Weidong said that the way to do vegetarian food is diverse, deep processing, for this reason, he developed from the product to the packaging, marketing have a hard time.

Li Weidong found that many of the Buddha incense is gathering in crowds and groups one or two of them, led by the people. Li Weidong as much as possible with the people who led the contact, organize a number of monthly cooking vegetarian exchange activities. Slowly, Li Weidong’s vegetarian dishes in the vegetarian circle will have a certain reputation, business has followed up.

vegetarian food is cold after all kinds of food industry, to expand the business, not just for Buddhists, but also vigorously develop the consumer market, and to change people’s eating habits is comparatively difficult, so Li Weidong did a lot of work.