What is the purpose of the promotion

is now no longer sell themselves in, want to get more people’s attention to do propaganda work, need a good means of promotion, any promotion has advantages and disadvantages, how to maximize the effectiveness of sales promotion has become a marketing concern. And we must first clear is the purpose of promotion. The ultimate goal of promotion is to attract customers and increase sales. However, according to the changes in the market, product cycle changes, promotion has a different purpose, the purpose of promotional activities can be broadly divided into four:

promotional activities, the purpose of a new listing, attract customers

new products listed at the beginning of the business in order to attract the attention of customers, often carry out promotional activities. Such as: change the price, new discount, etc.. To attract attention, improve the degree of concern is the primary consideration, followed by moderate price during the activity period since none, try some customers for the new purchases by.

promotional activities for the purpose of two, curb opponents, protect the market

in the same district, with a positioning competition promotion caused your shop every day, you should pay attention to the zero duck’s egg, and others can promotion, why can’t you? People in rob guest, you have to grab off! You should clearly show your clothing characteristics, has also stepped up promotions, do not allow the loss of tourists, people buy one get one, I buy two get into some cheap gadgets, what others! I have two rebate, rebate three yuan, the market should have a self protective consciousness of


promotional activities for the purpose of three, compete for customers, expand the market

When the new

in the market in a strong competitive position, must not have the thoughts of relaxation, bury the hatchet his weapons. Promotional activities will continue. At this time the purpose of marketing has become a competition for customers, expand the market. No matter in the promotion efforts, promotional tools are required to seek new ideas. Strive in the shortest possible time to break the same business district with the clothing store competition.

promotional activities for the purpose of four, reward customers, increase sales

The issue of the

, simple, buy one get one, you will have to buy a stock a send out! The "one" and the "profit to send a" on the price to sell! It can also get rid of some of the backlog of inventory! In carrying out promotional activities, clear the promotion the purpose of the activity is very necessary.

we often encounter many shopping malls in doing promotional activities, I feel a good deal would buy a lot of things, so now you know, this is just a clever marketing, we should design according to different promotions, and arranging the activities of the key policy and promotion efforts, the scope of recommendation