WeChat business opportunities and opportunities

WeChat development, is now a lot of people are concerned about the problem. Today, Xiaobian to bring us a little internal news. The following comes from Tencent, a brother, is his share of WeChat business trends and opportunities. Exclusive sharing for your friends. The content of

1. direction WeChat will further control the subscription number, and discuss the direction of the public financial and economic, especially the blockade and control further, otherwise the subscription number will become the next outbreak of public opinion.

2. WeChat will further support service number, build service number ecosystem electricity supplier, to promote the development of service number C2C. Micro shopping, micro shop, micro mall and other products have proven their ability to cut. From the service number open menu function, service number open 9 API excuse to the service number open to apply for WeChat payment; sufficient to prove that WeChat is fully promoting the progress of commercialization.

3. the current public number of the overall number of 3 million +, WeChat overall domestic users in 500 million; the number of public access to data from WeChat’s point of view, graphic conversion rate in 30% has very little, on average 15% graphic conversion rate most of the account; this also shows that each of the micro credit households have started to pay attention to the public, WeChat a large number of WeChat, the number of public information homogeneity (especially information); WeChat will further control the number of WeChat public number, in order to enhance the overall user experience to WeChat.

4. WeChat in derivative products development, micro communities, Campanula system become the WeChat public operators of the gospel, for how to extend the needs of the fans, the fans to enhance reading experience with more optional items. Of course, this also laid, the future of WeChat ecosystem, operators will become the most important part of the

5. WeChat WeChat Hailun, WeChat began testing gray wide point text link advertising in 2014 February, only part of large gray testing authority. According to WeChat and the wide point of the next strategy, the future of WeChat in the form of advertising will appear on top of WeChat: 1, without any advertising (for the sake of user experience); 2, WeChat graphic communications will be diversified forms of advertising at the bottom (except text chain, there will be pictures and rich media), to promote the transformation of advertising  ; 3, wide point advertising management background into WeChat public number backstage, WeChat public managers will gain more autonomy (selective advertising, at the same time CPC pricing for the public number; 4, wide point through advertising) will provide the background automatically advertising fee settlement function for WeChat public management.

6. WeChat will be in the next version of WeChat’s focus on enhancing the user experience, but also for WeChat grassroots public operators provide new opportunities: will open again in WeChat search function, can search to your attention the public number message  (this feature was not confirmed); re positioning of friends circle of the ecological chain, the circle of friends information dissemination is too wide, the reader can not precise location information, the latter will in the circle of friends information >