Jiujiang college students to enjoy water subsidies

for college students entrepreneurship, local governments are from discount loans, entrepreneurship training, tax relief and other aspects of policy support to varying degrees. Entrepreneurship policies in different places are different, the college students in Jiujiang, the government will pay for utilities.

now entrepreneurial support policies are getting better and better, personal entrepreneurship can enjoy government subsidies, the subsidies to the water and electricity, entrepreneurship more and more passionate." December 23rd, 34 students in Jiujiang City College Students in Mount Lu City, Jiangxi Province, small boss who, at the scene received a government subsidy of $1200 hydropower. The entrepreneurial group for college students to focus on the issuance of hydropower subsidies in the city is the first time.

at the meeting, small bosses have been talking about their own business, "I always love clothing, always dreamed of having a own clothing store, this time under the government support, I realized my dream, the beginning of the month, I was not very adaptable, only earned 800 yuan, slowly I found out the experience, profit is getting better and better, and now I’m getting stronger." "5 years ago I graduated, has been working in the field, the eleven year back to play, accidentally learned that my alma mater set up business practice base for the students, can be reduced to half the rent, but also there is no transfer fee, but also interest free loan two years in the case of insufficient funds, the maximum amount to 50 thousand yuan, such a good chance., I immediately grabbed a digital store, business is good."

in support of entrepreneurship policy support, local governments have become more and more creative, Jiujiang this is the first time for college students to start hydropower subsidies, which also inspired more entrepreneurial enthusiasm.