Open cabinets to pay attention to what errors

cabinets are used in every household, and now a lot of cabinet brands in the market. A lot of friends see the huge profits of the cabinet, want to invest in, but if you choose the wrong will go wrong. Investment cabinets in the end what errors exist? Xiao Bian on this issue a detailed introduction.

misunderstanding: practitioners of brand advertising for the existence of widespread cognitive differences, that the brand does not do CCTV advertising no brand potential

In addition to the

brand advertising campaign, terminal consumer groups to cause concern in the industry, its more important role is the effective carrier of foreign communication enterprises, brand culture, brand advertising on the cabinet enterprise, not blindly pursue the CCTV launch, open cabinets join in inn, the reality of the situation should be based on the brand to join the terminal market the team, combined with the need to implement brand strategy in different stages of market operation, with timeliness, diversification, low cost, high return, intensive and cyclical advertising means, the actual effect in order to achieve a multiplier.

error two: blind pursuit of product prices, the lower the price more competitive

with the growing maturity of China’s cabinet market, the cabinet market competition is moving from the price war to brand war, brand connotation precipitation is the decisive factor in the success or failure of competition. Therefore, open cabinets stores, the brand must have: to advance the concept of continuity of the development of the business model, accurate market positioning, reasonable pricing, supply and demand on product research and development capabilities, flexible and effective terminal operation strategy and perfect service, support and guarantee ability. Only with these conditions, in order to become the brand consumers trust, will give the cabinet franchisee to bring huge profits; on the contrary, will only participate in the competition of low price brand, in the fierce competition in the market, because they do not have the conditions of brand and connotation, can not meet the inner demands of consumers more and more rational, profit margins shrinking, we can only allow the cabinet franchisee bear the consequences of keep going by painstaking effort. First value, after the price; worthless, no price, because today’s society, consumers are not only in consumer products, but also in the consumer brand.

error three: just look at the scale of production enterprises, generally believe that the greater the greater the production of the brand

production is necessary, but everything is complete, the scale is not directly related to the degree of brand terminal protection. Open cabinets stores, a brand can be nothing, but absolutely not? Do, say that production and processing of kitchen cabinet manufacturers is also involved in the table plate processing, is the enterprise brand products and professional sheet metal factory, professional manufacturers of artificial stone products which are of good quality, this problem is worth cabinets franchisee think carefully. In fact, as long as the customized home improvement quality control system to ensure that the main product quality and supply capacity, not necessarily >