Wedding photography everyone loves to invest money

don’t say the new, even if it is already married for many years, to commemorate the "old man", will go to the wedding, and now the new marriage, wedding has become an indispensable "designated program". Shoot a wedding photo, thousands of dollars at a time, even more than 10000 yuan. The huge economic benefits can not be ignored, a digital wedding photography, can make money.

professional digital wedding photography and printing market growth at an annual rate of more than 100%, in the next 2 – 3 years, the market will enter the digital era, the investment recovery rate, gross margin of 50%-70%. But the threshold of funds and professional and technical requirements are high, there is a need to have a relatively stable customer, pre investment needs about 2 million 500 thousand yuan, the investment recovery period of more than two years, not suitable for small investors.


1. digital wedding photography, not only to have a professional knowledge of photography, but also the knowledge of post production. If you are not proficient in the production of knowledge, the advantages of digital photography is difficult to appear. At the same time must also be equipped with computer talent, in order to deal with any possible network, viruses, computer failures and other issues.

2. wedding photography business light, season obvious. Most of the new people will start preparing for about 45 days before marriage, the first thought is to take wedding photos. The wedding season is about a month and a half before the holiday season begins. Business is often concentrated in the year 51, eleven, new year’s day before, and 8, September is the peak season.

3. in front of the camera, in the form of text to tell the guests the theme of the film set. How many photos should there be?