How to start a high school education Bookstore

a lot of people want to start a business, but do poineering work what good? What to do to make money? It is well known that women and children have the best money. For each family, children’s education is a major event, parents in the child’s investment is never stingy with money, so students can consider education bookstore. So how to start a business start-up high school education Bookstore? The following is intended for students to open some educational Bookstore Bookstore recommendations and business strategy reference.

Entrepreneurship Education Bookstore market analysis

currently has a large share of the consumption of books in high school supplementary books, and many of the parents of the students because of the cultural level is not high, for these books with great blindness, in the face of numerous large bookstore in the books can not start. How to guide this kind of consumer is a good selling point, and this kind of customer consumption has many years of continuity. Especially noteworthy is the Pew books business, Wang feng-f all parents wish. "Training excellent" is an unavoidable topic. How to face the choice of sales training class books is a selling point in the selling point. Therefore, the author believes that the opening of the bookstore will be "money" a bright light.

Entrepreneurship Education Bookstore opened a high school students recommended

The survival of

Education Bookstore is closely related to students. Therefore, the bookstore should be relatively concentrated in residents, and the school’s "area". The store of 30 square meters will be, do not need to be decorated, clean and bright. The key is to be eye-catching signs, pedestrians, passing vehicles, a look at that education bookstore". This store should be opened in the cultural sector to apply for the book business license and apply for a license in the industry and commerce, taxation and other departments. At the same time, because it is to open a bookstore, so you need to ask people to make or buy more than a dozen bookcases and new books, etc., of course, the best for the customer to prepare a few chairs in order to facilitate the customer in the selection of the book, to be able to rest properly. When a variety of educational books and staff in place, the bookstore is basically opened.

Entrepreneurship Education Bookstore management strategy

first, we should do a good job of service. Open a bookstore to hire a high school girl to help cultural foundation. That bookstore for business, service is the key, so the girls should be allowed to hire the store all the books by heart, when a target customer needs a book, soon will be the required books sent to target customers; and as long as that demand direction, can also recommend 4 5 kinds of books to choose from. So through face-to-face booksellers, will lift the customers into the bookstore of the blind, in this way to sell books bookstore can establish a fixed number of customers own.

need to deal with the relationship between second book wholesale boss. In book recommendation