Rugao Huaxia flower market was rated as the provincial entrepreneurial demonstration base

now, business incubators have become an important battlefield of many areas helping entrepreneurs, the government offers a variety of free security, all sorts of small and medium-sized enterprises in the aspects of welfare policy support, reduce business risk, is the young entrepreneurs in the ideal harbor ship stop.

2015 Jiangsu provincial base business model assessment results, Rugao Huaxia flower market from the province hundreds of reporting units in talent shows itself won the "incubation, demonstration base in Jiangsu province" title, this is the second named "another award after the Nantong municipal business incubator".

as the mass of entrepreneurial stage, business incubator has always been concerned about the new development direction of the field of entrepreneurship, and will continue to upgrade self transformation, build growing business service platform for the public, innovation and entrepreneurship, realize self value, do the most solid backing.

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