nternational nnovation and entrepreneurship conference held in Zhengzhou

this is a new era of innovation, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment is a good, so many entrepreneurs are elated. In order to create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere, the government departments are sparing no efforts to do a good job in all aspects of support. This is not, the international innovation and entrepreneurship conference held in Zhengzhou.

to fully stimulate the whole society innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, build a new engine of economic development, in May 28th, Zhengzhou (the first international) Innovation Conference and global crowdfunding summit held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition center. The innovation entrepreneurship conference hosted by the Zhengzhou municipal government, the theme of "innovation, leading the future", for a period of two days, including the opening ceremony meeting and innovation forum, thousands of people plan expert meetings, innovation and entrepreneurship competition, global crowdfunding summit, three new board forum and project financing roadshow etc..

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