This restaurant does not eat money performance is very gratifying

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eat King meal, but no restaurant will provide free meals, and there is a restaurant that is here, you can not eat money, but the sales performance is surprisingly good, but also earn a lot, why is it?

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2007 years, as many entrepreneurs, the Zhengzhou girl Han Yue suffered his life’s first venture failed, and students to work together to open a pasta based hotel due to funding problems facing closure. What’s the next thing to do?

Korea first thought of advertising to the hotel. Later, she was asked by the students found that they can not even afford advertising. She began to complain about the high cost of advertising. The students gave a deep sigh and said: "there is no free lunch! If your restaurant is free, no ads will be crowded." Han Yue smiled a little, suddenly, a bold idea was inspired by the students of this sentence. The restaurant is free of charge, the crowd surging, this is not a very good publicity? If your own restaurant and advertising, is not a good model?

The idea of


free has been half a month, the effect is better than expected, but the temporary raise a few million yuan of funds to the day lost, after all the normal meal or not, she almost stretched. It seems that advertising can’t be free. As a result, she also ran to find those who have been free to advertise the merchant. Can be explained in spite of Han month, they do not intend to pay. As a result, an empty piece of advertising out, Han began to worry.