What preparations do you need to open a fruit store

2012 summer is a hot summer, in this weather, people would want to have a cool pleasure can really enjoy the things, that is the fruit of a fruit shop is good, but in the opening up before how to reasonably prepare?

to run a fruit shop, stand out in the fierce competition in the fruit, will be unique, different from other fruit shop. The following experience for everyone to learn from:

1, to understand the nutritional value and medical value of a variety of fruits, printed data, distributed to customers.

2, understand the market situation, the fruit shop opened in the farmers market, or near.

3, from the trade and Industry Bureau, for the formalities.

4, do not just think boss addiction, his boss and workers, starting from the couple stores, relatives shop.

5, subscribe to a local tabloid, understand market trends and customer needs.

6, contact fixed purchase channels.

7, the decoration of the fruit shop should be simple and generous, so that customers understand, but pay attention to the discharge of fruit and color, but the decoration cost must be controlled, not too high;

8, the best choice of fruit shop in the vicinity of the hospital or district, which is the best location. If sufficient funds can also be considered in the market, the supermarket less downtown residential areas, although the rent is higher, but the relative price can be higher and the lack of customers;

3, purchase channels generally choose large wholesale market can be;

4, fruit prices you can search on the Internet, in addition to such a special TV program, but generally more accurate field inspection;

5, as for the operation of the method is more flexible, but must pay attention to is that the fruit is seasonal goods, and consumables, do not buy too many times, but also to save properly.

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