What do you do in a small city

business is a very common phenomenon, a lot of people think big city more, want to in the big city city is actually small business, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the big city advantage resources, wide market, profit space is wide. Small city entrepreneurial advantage lies in the lack of competition, low threshold, small business risk. Therefore, in contrast, whether it is in the city of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship in small cities are profitable prospects. Here are a few suitable for small businesses do business, look at it!

small business opportunities: do barbecue business

in the rural areas, the majority of the elderly and children, and many children also love to eat barbecue snacks, the local people in intensive rural put a burning oven, do all kinds of meat and vegetables to barbecue, as long as the taste is ready, with tourists, small business will be bigger and stronger!

due to the increasing number of migrant workers brothers away from their families and children, resulting in elderly parents and young children can not be lonely and helpless to receive good education. You can try to provide such an environment to cultivate children left home, focusing on quality education, such as computer learning, sports training, etc.. At the same time to provide places for elderly parents to relax. These two can be your own wealth, but also can benefit the villagers.

small business opportunities in the city: evening selling tofu

everyone knows that the benefits of anti season vegetables are higher than conventional ones because of the time difference. A village surnamed Chen’s tofu processing households in the time difference on the brain. Because the local people engage in tofu processing more, sometimes a tofu to sell for a whole day, so many people had to do less, especially in summer, tofu is easy to deteriorate, but did not dare to do. Lao Chen saw the majority of people on the night table lack of tofu, the afternoon evening let processing, the wife and son separate sales, so that the old Chen home every day not less to do tofu, but increased sales income will go up.

small business opportunities: Children’s photography shop

According to

estimates, rent a 50-100 square meters of shops in the downtown area, calculated by 200 yuan per square meter, 1-2 yuan, buy children’s photography special clothing to 20 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan, the decoration, the equipment must have the traditional camera and digital camera, traditional camera is calculated by 30 thousand yuan, digital camera according to the calculation of 10 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan please photographer and other expenses plus the entire investment in the 9-10 million. In order to reduce investment, but also can be separated from the studio and the store. Rent a 20 square meters of the store, another rent a 60-70 square meters of studio, then the cost of pavement can be reduced by about half. What about the income? Shoot a set of children’s photography costs ranging from 300-9000 yuan. To the off-season, the monthly sales of a store about