2022 the right to host the Winter Olympic Games will bring opportunities to entrepreneurs

When the

International Olympic Committee announced the 2022 Winter Olympics held over Beijing, the excitement of another as can be imagined, the capital will be launched in china. A meeting will be held with the fire of the development of some industries, then for domestic entrepreneurs, the 2022 Winter Olympics will bring what business opportunities?

1. and the surrounding tourism industry will start

Shortly after the

in the operation of winter tourism projects, the best businesses to bid farewell to the single mode of tourist spots and tourist products. And to learn from the foreign tourism industry, to create a skiing related lifestyle. For example, gear train, cable car basket, various modern facilities for tourists opens the door to communicate with nature, so that visitors can enjoy the sunny side and silver world, while watching the million years of ice, while in the rotating restaurant taste the local delicacy.

China in progress, the feast also happened in turn the world upside down change, Winter Olympics as the China before and after the spring festival. Many people go to Beijing to see the Winter Olympics may be a new way to celebrate. This momentum, it will certainly bring the first pot of gold N.


2. ice sports venture

3.  sports APP application is the inevitable demand in the future