College students founded good taste school takeaway

where business opportunities? As long as you have a keen sense of observation, where there are opportunities to make money. Several college students in the school found a business opportunity, founded the school takeaway website, both to achieve income and entrepreneurial experience.

"the employment situation is grim, this is our active venture, rather than senior some could not find work, passive entrepreneurship." A team of less than 20 sophomores and juniors set up a website to eat and sell snacks. The team hope that through years of accumulation, after graduation entrepreneurship kicks off.

a named "Yum"

about network entrepreneurial inspiration, Party Bo said, because the school Monday to Friday Closing School dinner, only a selection of the school canteen. Canteen dishes again rich, people eat a year will be tired, and the cafeteria is particularly large. So, many students began to call out. We did a survey, 40% of the students have the habit of takeout. This is a big market."

at that time, are in a party Bo to "build a website about eating" Declaration of entrepreneurship competition. "We are not minor, so it is important to establish their own brand." Party Bo introduction, the beginning of the team as the name of easy meals, to tell the truth, we are not very satisfied with the name, one is called more people, two is not enough image." A team dinner, a girl shouted, "well, this thing is delicious," and suddenly stimulated the party Bo nerve – "well delicious", vivid and vivid.

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