Hangzhou Jiangdong Administrative Committee held a meeting to invest in Shenzhen

innovation and entrepreneurship can not be separated from funds and investment, many of our leading enterprises are distributed in the first tier cities. In order to develop the local economy, under the help of the government, the Hangzhou Jiangdong administrative committee rushed to the north to hold investment will be held, the successful realization of the goal.

11 13, following this year in Shanghai and Beijing successfully held two investment promotion meeting, to actively support the Hangzhou Jiangdong CMC in the municipal government and the Municipal Commerce Commission of Hangzhou City, held in Shenzhen Jiangdong industrial agglomeration area Jinan (Shenzhen) investment and development but on entrepreneurship and innovation.

the investment promotion, big Jiangdong focus on the invitation of the Shenzhen in the world’s top 500 enterprises, 500 enterprises, Chinese Chinese top 500 private enterprises and major investment companies, fund management companies, intermediaries and related business (HS) will be responsible for participants. Including deep bay, international logistics, Han’s laser, Tencent, Nandu investment, golden group and other 200 enterprises attended the forum.

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