Entrepreneurship guide when entrepreneurs need to resign

a lot of people want to start a business, but because of fear of entrepreneurial risk, so for the sake of insurance, most people choose to go to work while doing business. However, it was said that the work will not be able to devote themselves to entrepreneurship, which may be the cause of the failure of entrepreneurship. So, when do entrepreneurs need to resign? Together we analyze.

1, when you need a fixed income to maintain the existing lifestyle, mortgage, for children to school;

2, when your ideas are not clear enough, or have not been verified or tested by the market;

3, when your work can actually provide the experience needed to implement your ideas (business, marketing, design, development, etc.);

4, when you have enough time for work and after the weekend to realize your ideas and go well.

1, when you’re exhausted from work;

2, when you have enough savings or other sources of income, you can support until you begin to earn income or obtain financing;

3, when you can provide consulting services for other companies or free to work to earn money, but also to achieve their own ideas. This is a good choice, because you are free to take control of your time, and you have to go to work when you need to make money.

4, when you are able to quickly implement some ideas, and profitable enough to support you continue to improve the product. This is my favorite choice, because your idea has been verified, and you do not need to make money and products between the time.