CNNC said 4 into the user’s social networking site is mainly to pass the time

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2009 Chinese Internet Social Networking Application Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") showed that the report shows that the main purpose of the 42.4% users of social networking sites is to pass the time".

adult users choose social networking sites when the primary consideration

users to consider the factors of social networking site

on the use of social networking users as a whole, because of the particularity of the social networking site itself, the website platform students / coworkers / acquaintances, become a social factors in the choice of the user site priority, the users accounted for 63.5%, far higher than other factors. read more

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nternet banking oligarchs end of the era in the end who should be left

recently, Internet banking and the case of a major event, Baidu and China CITIC Bank direct bank: bank letter which means that BAT, the three giants are in a different form of a banking license. So far the Internet Financial blowout after the development of the new qualifying, the industry to accelerate the survival of the fittest, to the oligarchs era. As industry insiders "Internet financial guidance after the introduction of the Internet finance will accelerate the reshuffle, expected by the end of 2016 the entire Internet financial pattern will be more clear, there will be a few oligarchs, there may be two huge oligarchs". read more

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Research April 2014 vertical T website industry website ranking Top10

according to iResearch iResearch launched a continuous user behavior research system iUserTracker latest data show that in April 2014, the average number of vertical IT website coverage up to 29 million 685 thousand people in. Among them, Zhongguancun online daily coverage reached 5 million 940 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users was 2.4%, ranked first; the Pacific computer network daily coverage of up to 3 million 970 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users was 1.6%, ranked second; CSDN the number of daily coverage reached 2 million 510 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users was 1%, ranked third. read more

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The snowball site suffered a hacker attack founder vowed to track down the murderers

sina science and technology news on December 31st afternoon news, investment and social networking site snowball finance suffered hacker attacks this afternoon, the company’s website is temporarily unable to visit.

snowball Finance released a statement this afternoon, said at 3:50 pm today, snowball site suffered DDos (distributed denial of service) attacks, the site can not provide normal service.

snowball finance strongly condemned the attack in a statement, saying it would further evidence, tracing. The founder of snowball finance side of salmon boasted: "who attack us again, put who sent to jail." read more

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Excellent letter v 58 city infringement claims 30 million of the other party called its hype

each reporter Jiang Peifang

yesterday (April 6th), the 58 city on its website "counterfeit excellent letter second-hand car", excellent letter of second-hand car CEO Peng Weilian announced, has filed a lawsuit in Beijing Chaoyang District people’s court, and the court has accepted.

is responsible for the matter lawyer Zhang Zhisheng said, excellent letter of second-hand car claim contains 3 points: 1, the defendant was ordered to immediately stop using the 58 city "excellent letter" and "excellent letter of second-hand car"; 2, the defendant was ordered to 30 consecutive days on the home page of the company website and the national headlines released a statement of apology; 3. Order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff economic loss Sanqian million yuan. read more

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Sources said the group received 17class million investment in vertical

recently, the vertical group purchase website frequently heard the good news, after, public comment has announced the acquisition of millions of dollars of investment, another horse vertical group purchase, focus on workplace training group purchase website – (Study), also received tens of millions of dollars in venture capital outside a venture capital provided. (reporter learned together) for tens of millions of dollars in venture capital news to its founder, Dr. Wang Weiming Dean of Asia Pacific Competitiveness Research Institute confirmed, Dr. Wang denied the authenticity of this message, he said: "at present there are several VC including Sequoia Capital, Softbank, DCM, and 17class are approached but we have not yet determined the final partner." An Internet veteran who believes that "as a vertical group purchase website of a on-line soon, in such a short period of time will be able to attract the attention of venture capitalists, on one hand, 17class identify the pulse of the market, on the one hand reflects the group purchase market prospects for the future, both" vertical "will become the future development direction of group purchase industry. read more

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Story 38 home appliance business settled in Taobao mall Tmall com

Taobao mall yesterday announced the launch of the new strategy, the platform will be open to all retail form, build a new B2C ecosystem, including the red child, serves network, one store, intime network, Kuba, Yi Xun, Lok, Newegg, good music to buy 38 appliance business network collective settled Taobao mall, again to the domain name in the big concern, this 38 home network domain type diversification, such as domain name, domain name and domain name English creative, 38 electricity supplier network which have read more

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Let the content of business and free content separate

      morning and wisdom brigade member Liang Zhenkun chatted with his group plans, because his website is mostly content accumulation, so it is recommended that he be a "user experience guide" of the website, and chatted for a while and the title of the topic, I think is written down, let more Zhilu members to share.

      first of all, the concept of "free" content. Because this phrase is not particularly rigorous, in order to everyone in the back of the reading does not produce ambiguity, I just say what I know about it. In fact, the contents of the site are free to browse, and here to say free more tourists online travel action unnecessary or unwilling to pay extra services. read more

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The domain name registration to make play a personal website in the final examination

for individual users to close the ".Cn" domain name registration has now opened the door again. Last week, the Ministry issued a notice clearly stipulates that individuals and units can be used as the site sponsor, however, all the site sponsor must pass the identity information to audit, which means that the majority of domestic personal website will once again usher in the real name system test.

In fact,

in order to combat the phenomenon of vulgar network, CN domain name system has long been the first step in the management of the domain name, the domain name has been the first to apply for rectification work. As early as last December, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) issued "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", requiring the user to submit the application materials to the registration of the domain name domain name registration services online, no business license or certificate of organization code of individual users, will not be able to apply for the registration of the domain name. read more

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NetEase held a fantasy seminar pre literary website model

in April 26th, many domestic famous fantasy martial arts writers very busy which gathered in Hangzhou West Lake, NetEase (Hangzhou) held in the " the sea clever barren world set " 2009 spring symposium.


spring symposium, are invited to have a well-known writer, a great reputation in the literary world network fantasy martial arts such as: Xiao Qian, Xiao Ding, Song Feng, Wei Yue, and a month, Ming Mei, Guan Pingchao, Tang Jiasan, Gengsu, little dream without a trace, wandering toad etc.. Another of their special identity, "God is spirit of group member of the sea shortage". NetEase (Hangzhou) of this seminar is to talk about the shortage of spirit world outlook website ( operation, but also try to find out new network operating mode of fantasy literature. read more

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