Look at those we should pay attention to the marketing point from one way of Thailand embarrassed em

latest movie is a fire, it is < one way of Thailand > embarrassed embarrassed; until now, has exceeded 300 million at the box office, have to say is a big black horse, running in the dark horse, bring us thinking what would it be, if you think this is a dark horse to the operation, you will see that the way of marketing, after all now tastes so different today, to grasp the marketing opportunities often become more important, so this article will talk about it, we can see from the marketing mode in Thailand embarrassed. read more

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Do the sea Amoy platform eat buyers can be the enemy of Jingdong

is a Jingdong of the electricity supplier to head challenge.

in today’s cross-border imports of electricity providers, almost a consensus – Import platform, is the big brother of the war, no chance to start empty-handed. Because of this industry to the threshold is very high: Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other large platform after SF, look at fiercely as a tiger does, the NetEase the participants in the middle and the nouveau riche, ocean terminal, honey bud baby took a forerunner. However, there will always be people who don’t believe in evil, jinhaimi global purchase founder Xu Jun is one of the second half of 2014, he was shot, but the choice is the most traditional way to build a sea Amoy buyers ecosystem, sea Amoy edition beauty. read more

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Baidu knows how to extend the method with a solution to the problem

has been a Baidu to know is one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tools, see Baidu know promotion value of many people, in the operation of Baidu know a lot of people, but the real success is scanty, those successful people are Baidu know how to operate it?

Baidu know the benefits of promotion

Baidu know promotion relative to other platforms to promote better, first included and ranking above, Baidu know there are certain advantages, because it is Baidu’s own products, ranking by Aladdin processing channel, so as long as the problem out, is ranked second seconds. The second one is to see a lot of customers in the right products, through the Baidu know a business reputation query problem, such as certain products, how certain product price is how much, how to query and etc.. And the only thing that customers trust is Baidu know, because most of the other platforms is an article, and Baidu know that more people are involved, so the trust is better. The last advantage is to protect their own brands, due to the vicious competition of a competitor, resulting in your brand affected, so there must be in the promotion of the brand to do self brand protection. read more

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Baidu quietly launched shopping applications Baidu micro purchase

[TechWeb] January 25th news, Baidu has recently launched a shopping Web application Baidu micro purchase, you can quickly order, without registration, the current goods mainly from shop 1.

"Baidu micro purchase is web application of Baidu search results page, the application writes:" Baidu micro purchase offer quick purchase channels for the majority of users, without registration, fast orders, cash on delivery, eliminating the cumbersome registration and payment process. Micro purchase all goods are provided by the well-known large online mall, genuine guarantee." read more

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Beijing buy consumer complaints explosion rose nearly 28 times

China News Agency, Beijing, December – (reporter Du Yan) in recent years, the rapid growth of network consumption at the same time, the amount of complaints also rose sharply 15

. 2011 year, Beijing industrial and commercial departments to accept online shopping consumer complaints accounted for nearly 3 of the total amount of complaints, which, buy into the hardest hit, consumer complaints grew by nearly 28 times.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, 15, the Joint Commission on the Christmas, new year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the four quarter of online shopping consumer tips. Beijing city industry and Commerce Bureau official said, 12315 center statistics show that in 2011, a total of online shopping consumer complaints received by the, accounting for nearly 3 of the total complaints, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 2.16 times. Among them, the top five for daily necessities, household appliances, clothing shoes and hats and recharge service, computer and accessories. read more

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nnovative solutions for vertical B2B sites


community for a vertical B2B website, is one of the most important part of the user stickiness, it is essential to establish the website promotion, brand building, customer loyalty, the construction must be vertical B2B website community in a crucial position.

but the current industry vertical B2B website too much, some a small industry, there are nearly 10 B2B sites, almost every B2B website has a forum, but many web sites is the basic decoration, because too few participants, not enough to produce value forum. Forum most of the use of mobile network forum, there is no personalized, according to the actual situation of the industry, tailored to the appropriate forum. read more

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BELLE invested heavily to buy the best network or the largest investment in the industry

yesterday’s news, and purchase online shoe officially confirmed, has received hundreds of millions of dollars level of investment, and the investment is mainly from the traditional footwear giant BELLE international. After two years of e-commerce to test the water, BELLE on its own website Amoy show network on the basis of the way to invest in the operation of B2C website sales of its own brand. The Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday and was informed that, before the purchase of excellent network formally launched, BELLE cooperation with a number of footwear B2C website has stopped. read more

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Focus on personal connections to buy 5sns com to build a network of contacts

contacts that interpersonal relationship, interpersonal network, reflect people’s popularity, social relations. According to the dictionary, the interpretation of the network as "interpersonal relations and interpersonal context", often used in the field of politics or business, but in fact, no matter what the industry, everyone will use the network. In the webmaster network is playing a pivotal role in the Guo Jijun led by well-known domestic webmasters often haunt the major gathering is to gather the webmaster circle of contacts. Alibaba is in the days before the grand line of business circles "connections", hoping to "network through open network connections between online services, including production, name card holder, name card to the latest news, customer dynamic function. read more

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By the official website of the earthquake was concerned about the ability of black web security

There have been so many things in China since the

"5.12" earthquake. The phrase "let us see the Challenges make a nation much stronger., Sichuan hope, the hope of China. It is in this moment of mourning, but there have been some abhorrent things. Let’s take a look at the relevant media reports: May 28th, 29 evening, Shaanxi Province earthquake information network series of malicious attacks, the suspect to amend the relevant information, and on the homepage to spread the "23:30 around Shaanxi there will be a strong earthquake and other rumors, caused psychological panic of the masses and the part; in May 31st, June 1st, 2 during the day, the Guangxi Seismological Bureau official website also was hacked. Hackers tampering with the site’s data, the release of false information will occur in the near future earthquake, the earthquake information authority website was hacked, resulting in a great adverse impact on the community. read more

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Women set up a legend 200 thousand profit was sentenced to 3 years

legendary screenshot

in the case without permission of the copyright owner, secretly download the game program, and hire a server to open the site, the way to sell the game through the network players to profit. Yesterday, Jiulongpo District Court of first instance verdict, the defendant Liu copyright infringement crimes, sentenced to three years imprisonment, probation for three years.

network management recommendation

August 18, 2003, ACTOZ SOFT and WEMADE CO.LTD, South Korea ENTERTAINMENT CO.LTD company jointly developed "THE LEGEND OF MIR2" (Chinese name for the legend, legend 2, hereinafter referred to as legend) the network game software, made computer software copyright issued by the National Copyright Administration of the certificate of registration in our country application, Shanghai Shanda Networking Development Co. (hereinafter referred to as Shanda) made the game exclusive right to operate in mainland Chinese. read more

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Zhou Hongyi three principles of user information security era of big data

a few years ago, · ray Kurzweil; wrote a book called "near the singularity". He said that after so many years of development of human civilization, in the middle of this century will go through a point, this point is the singularity. Singularity is a turning point, that human civilization may be entering a bifurcation, may enter a new level of civilization, also may be a sudden turn for the worse, this destruction of human. So the singularity has a double meaning, it may become better, it may become worse. read more

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Car home CEO Qin Zhi privatization is to seek more opportunities and possibilities


technology news Beijing time on April 28th morning news, CEO Qin cause car home recently released internal e-mail, said the privatization for the future development of the company to seek more opportunities and possibilities.

car home on the 16 day of this month, announced a plan to prepare for the price of $31.50 per ADS privatization. Buyers include: CEO Qin cause car home, Bo Yu capital, Hillhouse capital and Sequoia China.

buyers group this price, compared with the average price of the past 30 days, about a premium of 12.1%, compared with the average price of the past 60 days to a premium of 20.7%. read more

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How will future classification information develop

      classified information as a field, as one of the areas with the lowest market concentration. As a newly developed field. Who wants to be here to share their own beauty. But a lot of sites have now abandoned. In the United States occupied the entire classification of information market site (Craigslist), it is not in the future?

      I have made some introductions about the development and trend of classified information. We are interested can go to see.

      the development of a web site is the most important is a good business model, as a good business model we have to slowly look for. As cool as the net (Ku6), Lee, some of the ideas and some business models to find very good. read more

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CCTV exposure Ctrip ticket package refund fee refund 90% provisions

CCTV exposure Ctrip ticket package trap: refund fee of up to 90% far exceeds the provisions of the airlines

CCTV exposure Ctrip ticket package trap: refund fee of up to 90% far exceeds the provisions of the airlines

January 9th, CCTV financial channel first time column exposure Ctrip ticket travel packages are not required by the airline, charged a high refund fee. Program called "refund fee of up to 90% online booking tickets need to be cautious," the text reads as follows.

to the spring can buy cheaper tickets to go home, some users will choose some travel network, ordering a ticket packages on the internet. But to remind you that this package said that although the price is very affordable, but once your trip suddenly changed, when you want to change back to take a big loss, because the refund fee can reach a maximum of 90%. read more

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How the nternet subversion of these 17 industries we know

Internet is not the most valuable place to produce a lot of new things, but the potential of the industry has been digging again, using the Internet to enhance the thinking of traditional industries. From this point of view to observe the impact of traditional industries, the Internet has three characteristics:

1, breaking the asymmetric information bureau, do everything possible to transparent all information.

2, the integration of the use of large data, making the maximum utilization of resources. read more

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Four portal status Tencent NetEase play games Sohu Sina advertising

Abstract: it is not difficult to see that in the face of the opportunities and challenges of the development of the times, once the portal bigwigs are actively looking for the direction of their transformation. In recent years, Tencent to cut the entrance to the community, the formation of covering games, video, entertainment, finance and other industrial chain. NetEase also began a comprehensive layout, force the game.

for the domestic Internet companies, ten years can change a lot, can change people’s surfing habits, can change people’s needs of the Internet, ten years can even let mainstream users have changed a generation, ten years is a period. From 2005 to 2015, some old Internet companies fall into the curse of ten years, declining, declining. But there is also some old but not aging of the enterprise, or accumulate steadily after or steady, more powerful with a thousand li a day. read more

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Children’s community website or face greater policy risk

in happy net, Renren and other community sites popular adult world, some of the people who have a vision to look at the children. From the beginning of 2009, some of the children of X-1X years old children’s virtual community quickly hot up. For example, Taobao’s former president Sun Tongyu created the "box world", before Tencent QQ pet project director Wang Haibing created the "Moore Park" and "Obi island", "pet story" and "pickup hall", "fantastic pet park" and so on. From the current trend, the trend of increasing the speed of children’s websites, and has attracted a lot of venture capital injection. Such as "Moore Park" obtained from Qiming, $5 million, "Obi island" Sequoia Capital China fund first venture investment fund. read more

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Ministry of commerce online shopping new regulations users can unconditionally return what you think

Ministry of Commerce yesterday issued a new online shopping rules, roughly as follows:

1, give consumers the time to consider cancellation


platform operators to encourage the establishment of a cooling off period system, allowing consumers to cancel orders for no reason in the cooling off period.

authoritative interpretation:

"this system allows consumers to buy if you do not have no reason to return." Ministry of commerce information secretary Li Jinqi said that this is not mandatory, platform operators can decide whether to set up a cooling off period. Of course, the cooling system does not apply to all goods, cold products, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.. read more

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Shop No 1 single brush exposure group purchase electricity supplier data is water again by the foot

business in recent years the pace of development in the domestic fast, even in Europe and other developed countries are feeling Chinese electricity market slide, huge sales, such as Taobao in 2012 day was to achieve a record day sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, the record even in external short time is difficult to surpass, and in the day the same day, the Jingdong and the 1 store sales data and other electronic business platform is also very impressive, from this data we feel that the current electricity supplier in the form of a good, but from a practical point of view, into 2013, the electricity supplier day seems to be not so moist, suning.com transformation, Gome Kuba downsizing group purchase website in fall, the electricity supplier industry seems shrouded in a cold, which is obviously different and the current statistics data. read more

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Look forward to e commerce in the future the road is clear and sunny

2011, the domestic e-commerce grad raging like a storm. Through the analysis of survey data, Analysys International, iResearch, planning and other well-known institutions collusion one draws the following conclusion: the 2011 comprehensive platform of electricity and pure business collective weakness, but the brand business is still strong, very rapid development momentum, the entire e-commerce market can be described as "East West sunrise rain". Below, we will take a look at this year’s major electricity supplier companies market performance. read more

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