VeryCD site can not be accessed or closed SARFT

Tencent Francisco December 9th afternoon, the number of users to reflect on the science and technology Tencent, yesterday also can access the well-known VeryCD download site about 2:30 afternoon suddenly can not access, analysts say or with SARFT recently about the new policy.

is reported that, in addition to Beijing users can not visit, Shenzhen and Shanghai and other places are also unable to respond to the user’s visit to the Verycd site. VeryCD is based on the open source P2P network sharing software eMule, the media resources to provide a website. VeryCD started in September 2003 and uses eMule as the basic shared client. read more

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Sources said the Sohu PPTV marriage fizzled buyers for no nternet service company

hunting cloud network reported on July 30th

PPTV on sale, confused for months, has spread to Ali and other Sohu to negotiate the acquisition, but as of today has not been finalized, but also for the industry frequent news readers called "menstrual news".

but below to say that this part of the content, we really have to pay attention to the. Because eventually won PPTV is not Sohu, nor Ali, but a new big buyer.

is the hunting cloud network news has just received from an insider close the deal at the core, but the person refused to disclose the buyer company name, only that the company listed in domestic, and in which the field is definitely a giant, no Internet business. read more

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Domestic buy network for ten months the first half of the total loss of 3000

August 31st, Gaopeng retrenched staff attorney high occupation revealed that at present the total number of layoffs of 7 city 9 City Gaopeng in Southern China area is about 70 people, the number of layoffs last month in Beijing, up to 50 people.

in the summer of 2011, the group purchase website heat with the temperature gradually rose to peak at the same time, also began to spread advertising, unable to pay on time layoffs — even though some things when the company responsible person, this is "normal personnel changes". read more

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December global Web server Apache share fell to 55 7%

China IDC review network reported on December 11th: according to Netcraft data show that in December, Netcraft received a total of 633706564 survey sites. Among them, the use of Apache Web server site has 352951511, accounting for 55.7% of the world market, last month dropped 1.53%. The Microsoft, this month increased by 1.08%, up to; Nginx rose slightly by 0.16%. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements:

(Figure 1) August 1995 -2012 statistics for all sites in read more

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Stationmaster year end planning am the master my 2008 award

2008 is coming to an end, rich and colorful look back on this year, as a webmaster if you have many special feelings? If I want to share with other webmasters experience? Whether treasured memory? Then replies or mail to tell to show it, and we also selected articles in the next issue of the magazine "stationmaster", let it become your heart.

webmaster friends can choose one of the following topics (or several) to write, can also be completely subject to write.

1, 2008, what do you think is the biggest and most influential Internet event to you (and why) read more

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New York Times China is approaching the United States in the artificial intelligence contest

Chinese time this morning, "New York Times" in a threatening manner to entitled "China Gains on the U.S in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race" article. Analysis of reports of artificial intelligence development of China articles, and to warn local media not only concerned about the progress of domestic companies.

New York Times original

according to the New York Times website reported that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert · (Robert o. Work) in an interview, said that the most intelligent artificial intelligence in Google and Facebook. Now, China has more and more intelligent artificial intelligence. In the field of artificial intelligence technology, the United States no longer has a strategic monopoly advantage. Artificial intelligence is widely regarded as a key factor in the new generation of war. read more

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The hacker base for a lone swordsman jailed for 5 years

reporter learned today, hackbase network (formerly the hacker base) is responsible for Wang Xianbing and lecturer Zhou Linliang, convicted of providing intrusion, illegal control of computer information systems, tools of crime, which is one of the court of final appeal sentenced to 5 years and 4 years.

this involves the most famous hacker coach case, criminal law amendment (seven) is introduced, the city’s first trial involving the crime case.

37 year old Wang Xianbing has been regarded as a leader in the domestic network hacker, network lone swordsman and his main business is precisely the information security. 2000 Wang Xianbing book: at that time the Japanese right-wing coalition to deny the Nanjing massacre and Chinese angered netizens, Wang Xianbing and another netizen has organized the "Chinese right-wing alliance", specifically the black Japanese government website. read more

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ron and steel information website quote Company punishment colleagues notice behind

Xu Fei has recently moved out of office. As a well-known steel information website quote, he felt he was more and more disappointed in the industry. Especially, the company recently with colleagues illegal events price punishment, but he was a kind of unconscious "into the role", and thus lead to many regrets.

at present, behind a huge plate of steel circulation industry in China, after several years of development produced many offer this service to institutions on the lower reaches of the platform, the parties to the third party based on the market price, the settlement price as a reference to each other. read more

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Community electricity providers tools who is the future of the female market

Since the rise of

mobile era, consumption habits and habits of the catalyst changes the female market turn the world upside down, as a new blue ocean more and more attention by the people, but also the emergence of a series of star products echelon. Electricity providers, tools, media and other forms of products filled with major application stores, and the community represents the evolution of the Internet era products but few traces.

in June this year, a "community" mobile application in on-line, on-line 60 days actually rushed to the first life list, the total list of seventh. Behind her not many female beauty products, grapefruit, aunt, freaky help, beauty, read more

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Website should not have pop up window

      some users, when they browse the tree, a circle down there will be a lot of pop-up window, some people feel confused or even offensive. Unfortunately, it’s up to me to solve the problem.

      site of the pop-up window, this seemingly small problem, in fact, has been mixed. At the same time, the different nature of the site, the user uses different browsers, users at home and abroad to use the browser’s habits are different, resulting in one thousand sites, there are one thousand kinds of pop-up practices. Even when a site is dealing with the same problem, the habit of popping is inconsistent. There is no law can be found, I asked Allen, Allen is a very quick answer: "of course, the bomb to open a new window to open the place, should not open the place to open up." In a word, before returning to liberation. read more

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National Copyright Administration APP and cloud infringement included in the blacklist


points issued by the national copyright administration, proposed technical solutions to deal with the infringement of the mobile terminal third party applications, the purpose is to reduce the frequency of the occurrence of violations by technical means.

when the mobile Internet technology continues to develop, the new copyright infringement is also indiscriminate breeding. Faced with this new situation, China’s copyright law enforcement agencies are constantly adjusting the focus of law enforcement. read more

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Xinhua News Agency 1 7 month Telecom fraud 355 thousand loss of 11 billion 420 million

this is a shocking data: in the past 10 years, every year, the rapid growth of China’s telecommunications fraud cases at a rate of 20%-30%. In 2015 the national public security organs Kyoritsu telecommunications fraud cases since 590 thousand, an increase of 32.5%, resulting in economic losses 22 billion 200 million yuan. From January to July this year, the national total of telecommunications fraud cases from 355 thousand, an increase of 36.4%, resulting in the loss of 11 billion 420 million yuan. read more

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Vulgar content site rectification Taobao and other remediation ineffective

January 13th

news reporter from the State Council Information Office learned that in December 29, 2009 and January 6, 2010, Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center exposure 16 there is a large number of vulgar content sites, most sites sincerely accept public criticism, take corrective measures to clean up the Internet vulgar content. However, there are a few sites are sluggish, ineffective rectification. Information Office of the State Council Information Office of the person in charge of the implementation of the rectification requirements of the website strictly enforce national laws and regulations and the relevant management system, increase the clean-up efforts. Local authorities to supervise and inspect according to the law, do a good job of law enforcement inspection. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast online platform 5173 to one hundred thousand online rumors is the end

1 online virtual platform 5173 "prostitute": 1 billion 500 million sold to Zhang machine  

traditional enterprise restructuring of the Internet industry is still in depth. Domestic A shares enterprise Zhang machine (002564) announced the day before, announced plans to spend 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Bao cool, Jinhua Licheng and Shanghai kubao all equity.

preliminary estimates, Shanghai Bao cool 100% stake in the estimated value of about $1 billion 50 million, Jinhua Cheng Cheng shares of the estimated value of about 425 million yuan, the estimated value of the shares of the company in Shanghai, a cool treasure of $25 million 560 thousand to $100%. read more

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Jia Yueting am one of the world’s poorest CEO 8 house less than 200 square

NetEase Francisco November 9th news, November 9th news, today morning, LETV held communication will invite investors, institutional investors and management face other problems of LETV strategic initiatives and further concern to investors.

at the exchange, the music as Holding Group founder, chairman, CEO Jia Yueting said he is the world’s poorest CEO, no one.

talked about entrepreneurship, Jia Yueting said he is the world’s poorest CEO, no one." I put all my money into the music as the ecological system, we are a family of 8 people, is now living in a house less than 200 square meters. I hope to put all the funds, energy into the music as the cause of the ecological. Jia Yueting said. read more

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f you have 600 million micro blog grassroots fans what to do

How can

have 600 million fans?

today, this article does not talk about Ma Lei, Liu Qiangdong, don’t talk, do not talk about jindong. We have a change. Today, we talk about the Internet, and these groups are completely different from another group of people, a group of real grassroots.

but you don’t look down upon this group of grassroots. Although this group of grassroots ring in the arena without one million, but many of these hidden skills, even V doesn’t add the grassroots micro-blog WeChat account, hundreds of millions of fans to master, and some even tens of millions. read more

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Who should we trust in the world of the nternet

      a, what is the change in our

      "the invention of the computer is the greatest invention of the century", the last century at the beginning of 90s a word, certainly is no doubt the influence of computer application in the world. However, after entering twenty-first Century, the computer application light gradually covered by a bright light, that is "the internet". In twenty-first Century, the role of computer applications has slowly become a tool from the protagonist, the era of a network. read more

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Google AdSense partners nationwide tour launched in July 15th

in the severe economic situation, how to use the website Google global leading advertising technology platform to grasp business opportunities, and seek common development? Since mid July, the theme of "speed led the trend of the wisdom to win the future" the 2009 Google AdSense partner day will launch a lecture tour, in the country’s 4 largest city at that time, you will be full of confidence answer and enlightenment.

the event will bring you the following: authoritative introduction about Google AdSense product development strategy; new product function and actual official guide; Google advertising management system – effective revolutionary website advertising management platform. Of course, we will answer questions and exchanges for the hot issues. read more

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High conversion rate of ten sites

owners are pursuing traffic, and sometimes it is a blind pursuit of. Owners should first establish the concept: the flow is the cost, is to pay, is to spend money out, rather than income.

maybe because I’m a host server, this idea is natural and ingrained to me. In Singapore, bandwidth is one of the most important costs for servers, and prices are rising. Customer site traffic, is a headache, rather than a happy thing.

only target flow into the order, is the income.

those who have investment, you can do the flow, and then study how to make money except for the site. read more

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Liepin CEO Dai Kebin how to move the inactive years into the workplace headhunting fees 90 million

entrepreneur & I dark horse continued to focus on online and offline integration capabilities of the company. They have a lot in common: in the vertical subdivision of the field, in-depth understanding of the relationship between industry users, the establishment of a system, with a strong IT system, business models are heavy enough…… Mobile Internet era, severe vertical will bring inspiration for traditional services.

after Comtech core city, "entrepreneurs" & I horse to bring you another severe vertical case — headhunting network. read more

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