Vulgar content site rectification Taobao and other remediation ineffective

January 13th

news reporter from the State Council Information Office learned that in December 29, 2009 and January 6, 2010, Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center exposure 16 there is a large number of vulgar content sites, most sites sincerely accept public criticism, take corrective measures to clean up the Internet vulgar content. However, there are a few sites are sluggish, ineffective rectification. Information Office of the State Council Information Office of the person in charge of the implementation of the rectification requirements of the website strictly enforce national laws and regulations and the relevant management system, increase the clean-up efforts. Local authorities to supervise and inspect according to the law, do a good job of law enforcement inspection. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast online platform 5173 to one hundred thousand online rumors is the end

1 online virtual platform 5173 "prostitute": 1 billion 500 million sold to Zhang machine  

traditional enterprise restructuring of the Internet industry is still in depth. Domestic A shares enterprise Zhang machine (002564) announced the day before, announced plans to spend 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Bao cool, Jinhua Licheng and Shanghai kubao all equity.

preliminary estimates, Shanghai Bao cool 100% stake in the estimated value of about $1 billion 50 million, Jinhua Cheng Cheng shares of the estimated value of about 425 million yuan, the estimated value of the shares of the company in Shanghai, a cool treasure of $25 million 560 thousand to $100%. read more

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Jia Yueting am one of the world’s poorest CEO 8 house less than 200 square

NetEase Francisco November 9th news, November 9th news, today morning, LETV held communication will invite investors, institutional investors and management face other problems of LETV strategic initiatives and further concern to investors.

at the exchange, the music as Holding Group founder, chairman, CEO Jia Yueting said he is the world’s poorest CEO, no one.

talked about entrepreneurship, Jia Yueting said he is the world’s poorest CEO, no one." I put all my money into the music as the ecological system, we are a family of 8 people, is now living in a house less than 200 square meters. I hope to put all the funds, energy into the music as the cause of the ecological. Jia Yueting said. read more

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f you have 600 million micro blog grassroots fans what to do

How can

have 600 million fans?

today, this article does not talk about Ma Lei, Liu Qiangdong, don’t talk, do not talk about jindong. We have a change. Today, we talk about the Internet, and these groups are completely different from another group of people, a group of real grassroots.

but you don’t look down upon this group of grassroots. Although this group of grassroots ring in the arena without one million, but many of these hidden skills, even V doesn’t add the grassroots micro-blog WeChat account, hundreds of millions of fans to master, and some even tens of millions. read more

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Who should we trust in the world of the nternet

      a, what is the change in our

      "the invention of the computer is the greatest invention of the century", the last century at the beginning of 90s a word, certainly is no doubt the influence of computer application in the world. However, after entering twenty-first Century, the computer application light gradually covered by a bright light, that is "the internet". In twenty-first Century, the role of computer applications has slowly become a tool from the protagonist, the era of a network. read more

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Google AdSense partners nationwide tour launched in July 15th

in the severe economic situation, how to use the website Google global leading advertising technology platform to grasp business opportunities, and seek common development? Since mid July, the theme of "speed led the trend of the wisdom to win the future" the 2009 Google AdSense partner day will launch a lecture tour, in the country’s 4 largest city at that time, you will be full of confidence answer and enlightenment.

the event will bring you the following: authoritative introduction about Google AdSense product development strategy; new product function and actual official guide; Google advertising management system – effective revolutionary website advertising management platform. Of course, we will answer questions and exchanges for the hot issues. read more

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High conversion rate of ten sites

owners are pursuing traffic, and sometimes it is a blind pursuit of. Owners should first establish the concept: the flow is the cost, is to pay, is to spend money out, rather than income.

maybe because I’m a host server, this idea is natural and ingrained to me. In Singapore, bandwidth is one of the most important costs for servers, and prices are rising. Customer site traffic, is a headache, rather than a happy thing.

only target flow into the order, is the income.

those who have investment, you can do the flow, and then study how to make money except for the site. read more

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Liepin CEO Dai Kebin how to move the inactive years into the workplace headhunting fees 90 million

entrepreneur & I dark horse continued to focus on online and offline integration capabilities of the company. They have a lot in common: in the vertical subdivision of the field, in-depth understanding of the relationship between industry users, the establishment of a system, with a strong IT system, business models are heavy enough…… Mobile Internet era, severe vertical will bring inspiration for traditional services.

after Comtech core city, "entrepreneurs" & I horse to bring you another severe vertical case — headhunting network. read more

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Cover accompaniment nets WO99 rebirth NET domain name replacement wo99 com

renamed China ( September 12th hearing, it is reported that as early as the end of June this year, the suspect suffered as a result of the national "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action, as well as copyright and other issues, and can not access the large domestic music website covers WO99, affecting millions of music lovers heart. Existing sources said, domain name temporarily changed to, the function is gradually restored. After the hardships of the wo99 accompaniment network, and finally a strong return! read more

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Everywhere is the saliva battle who laughs last

      Chengdu people have a hobby, many small things are people around, so the red spot, the television station smiled. This should be just inside the slobber battle boring tool to pass the time, but there are so boring mahjong, who changed the way of boring.

      now China’s Internet users on the million, boring people do not play mahjong began to surf the Internet, so engage in the network of laughter, but the smile is to get the money, did not get the money how to do? Since the boring people are born love fun, love slobber battle, let them play “`            the false positive anti-virus software, really suffer not got the money, to let people be boring enough slobber addiction, public opinion pressure up. That is not good, please the dogs barking, already has a chaotic situation by a dog around, nobody throws are pulled out, Norton was out of things, it makes is making it into Kaba and rising to bite, everywhere is the gunman, everywhere slobber Xingzi, who is laughing?           from time to time there have been rumors do online media, he said there had an accident, and that a dog has nothing to do with his, ah, then everybody follow up, do online media people laugh “        do all full-time copy group, who originally Aguirre help them do enough, copy do people laugh “`        boring people do not matter, since there is such a good thing as they spat out and scold, boring people of no importance. Smile “`   

      who laughs last? I thought of word of mouth marketing

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Daily topics because of policy issues four U S drama shelf Youku TV Sohu from dream to be broken

A5 ( station network April 28th news recently, many video sites in the U.S. drama frame, the page is displayed on the shelf because the policy can not provide reasons to watch". The shelves of U.S. drama include 4 parts, respectively is the "Big Bang", "good wife", "NCIS" and "the practice".

SARFT issued regulations

under the framework of the reasons and did not specify, but because of policy reasons. As early as mid March SARFT issued to strengthen the network drama, micro film and other audio-visual programs and broadcast content audit agency new regulations, that first aired again review, thorough investigation of television drama, broadcast qualifications. And put forward for illegal units and funders in which, depending on the circumstances shall be given a warning, a fine of up to five years shall not engage in Internet audio-visual service investment and punishment, serious cases may confiscate illegal activity equipment, confiscate the illegal income, revoke the license and other penalties. read more

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VeryCD return to normal to apply for a license to survive

VeryCD return to normal to apply for a license to survive

VeryCD return to normal to apply for a license to survive

at around four p.m. on December 10th, VeryCD "in situ resurrection" after the resumption, but some media reports said that part of the search has not been restored. Recently, with the SARFT Internet audio-visual services for rectification, triggering media speculation BT download will usher in death exams.

, however, the industry from a technical and legal point of view, there is a substantial non infringing uses of P2P technology, it may have been difficult to completely blocked. For SARFT may shut down the news of the VeryCD site, VeryCD has said that it did not receive any notice of shutting down requirements. read more

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CNNC said 4 into the user’s social networking site is mainly to pass the time

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2009 Chinese Internet Social Networking Application Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") showed that the report shows that the main purpose of the 42.4% users of social networking sites is to pass the time".

adult users choose social networking sites when the primary consideration

users to consider the factors of social networking site

on the use of social networking users as a whole, because of the particularity of the social networking site itself, the website platform students / coworkers / acquaintances, become a social factors in the choice of the user site priority, the users accounted for 63.5%, far higher than other factors. read more

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nternet banking oligarchs end of the era in the end who should be left

recently, Internet banking and the case of a major event, Baidu and China CITIC Bank direct bank: bank letter which means that BAT, the three giants are in a different form of a banking license. So far the Internet Financial blowout after the development of the new qualifying, the industry to accelerate the survival of the fittest, to the oligarchs era. As industry insiders "Internet financial guidance after the introduction of the Internet finance will accelerate the reshuffle, expected by the end of 2016 the entire Internet financial pattern will be more clear, there will be a few oligarchs, there may be two huge oligarchs". read more

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Research April 2014 vertical T website industry website ranking Top10

according to iResearch iResearch launched a continuous user behavior research system iUserTracker latest data show that in April 2014, the average number of vertical IT website coverage up to 29 million 685 thousand people in. Among them, Zhongguancun online daily coverage reached 5 million 940 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users was 2.4%, ranked first; the Pacific computer network daily coverage of up to 3 million 970 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users was 1.6%, ranked second; CSDN the number of daily coverage reached 2 million 510 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users was 1%, ranked third. read more

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The snowball site suffered a hacker attack founder vowed to track down the murderers

sina science and technology news on December 31st afternoon news, investment and social networking site snowball finance suffered hacker attacks this afternoon, the company’s website is temporarily unable to visit.

snowball Finance released a statement this afternoon, said at 3:50 pm today, snowball site suffered DDos (distributed denial of service) attacks, the site can not provide normal service.

snowball finance strongly condemned the attack in a statement, saying it would further evidence, tracing. The founder of snowball finance side of salmon boasted: "who attack us again, put who sent to jail." read more

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Excellent letter v 58 city infringement claims 30 million of the other party called its hype

each reporter Jiang Peifang

yesterday (April 6th), the 58 city on its website "counterfeit excellent letter second-hand car", excellent letter of second-hand car CEO Peng Weilian announced, has filed a lawsuit in Beijing Chaoyang District people’s court, and the court has accepted.

is responsible for the matter lawyer Zhang Zhisheng said, excellent letter of second-hand car claim contains 3 points: 1, the defendant was ordered to immediately stop using the 58 city "excellent letter" and "excellent letter of second-hand car"; 2, the defendant was ordered to 30 consecutive days on the home page of the company website and the national headlines released a statement of apology; 3. Order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff economic loss Sanqian million yuan. read more

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Sources said the group received 17class million investment in vertical

recently, the vertical group purchase website frequently heard the good news, after, public comment has announced the acquisition of millions of dollars of investment, another horse vertical group purchase, focus on workplace training group purchase website – (Study), also received tens of millions of dollars in venture capital outside a venture capital provided. (reporter learned together) for tens of millions of dollars in venture capital news to its founder, Dr. Wang Weiming Dean of Asia Pacific Competitiveness Research Institute confirmed, Dr. Wang denied the authenticity of this message, he said: "at present there are several VC including Sequoia Capital, Softbank, DCM, and 17class are approached but we have not yet determined the final partner." An Internet veteran who believes that "as a vertical group purchase website of a on-line soon, in such a short period of time will be able to attract the attention of venture capitalists, on one hand, 17class identify the pulse of the market, on the one hand reflects the group purchase market prospects for the future, both" vertical "will become the future development direction of group purchase industry. read more

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Story 38 home appliance business settled in Taobao mall Tmall com

Taobao mall yesterday announced the launch of the new strategy, the platform will be open to all retail form, build a new B2C ecosystem, including the red child, serves network, one store, intime network, Kuba, Yi Xun, Lok, Newegg, good music to buy 38 appliance business network collective settled Taobao mall, again to the domain name in the big concern, this 38 home network domain type diversification, such as domain name, domain name and domain name English creative, 38 electricity supplier network which have read more

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Let the content of business and free content separate

      morning and wisdom brigade member Liang Zhenkun chatted with his group plans, because his website is mostly content accumulation, so it is recommended that he be a "user experience guide" of the website, and chatted for a while and the title of the topic, I think is written down, let more Zhilu members to share.

      first of all, the concept of "free" content. Because this phrase is not particularly rigorous, in order to everyone in the back of the reading does not produce ambiguity, I just say what I know about it. In fact, the contents of the site are free to browse, and here to say free more tourists online travel action unnecessary or unwilling to pay extra services. read more

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