Small and medium enterprise website optimization strategies four

in the opinion of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a two word, a word that means "update", of course, this update contains the station outside the station and the station outside the station is updated, the content that is outside the chain. The two refers to the user and search engine, the good users say, users feel good search engine will also feel good, not to please the latter make some people cannot read things on their own website, do some things jiezeeryu. No matter how much business, the website main keywords generally chosen to locate 3-6 (choose to follow the principle of maximum flow), and then through the description information of keywords and long tail keywords radiation. In row > read more

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The basic points of enterprise homepage layout

home page with two or three columns for

navigation using mixed mode placement

Vertical navigation

module layout considerations

The front page of

navigation station layout of enterprises are generally divided into horizontal navigation, the middle of the head (side navigation), the bottom of the bottom navigation. Throughout the enterprise station is mostly used dual navigation mode, better search engine optimization ideas, now rarely see single navigation mode, the enterprise station due to the above screen number limit, led directly to the home page keyword layout is too low, the author suggested that the enterprise stand with the bottom navigation (may be appropriate to increase the keyword density, and according to the simulation of search engine crawling mode, namely the search engine finally climbed to the bottom of the home, so at the bottom of a layout within the chain navigation is necessary, i.e.) three models of hybrid layout. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng exclusive chain the use of dry cargo voting model new fast ranking operation

preferred, from the official told us the information that the chain is effective user recommendation, and the garbage chain mostly exists in the collection link, search results link, and cheating in most of the chain in the black chain, standing outside the chain. Today we use the model to think about the topic for discussion behind the two, we only discuss the first chain form, also is we often say that the chain.

see here, I want to have a lot of friends will then say, quick click ranking can do the same, of course, here I hereby declare that, since it is outside the chain to operate the new fast voting model ranking, so we do not click traffic related to the operation of the station in any way ranking. read more

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Search engine optimization new term marketing SOM


new term: SOM= Shanghai dragon +SEM

I have been immersed in the electricity network marketing industry since 05 years, and have also considered the ponder". From the early "love" to the crazy Shanghai dragon, to develop network marketing solutions to the enterprise. Large and small sites also play less than a hundred, the success and failure have a lot of experience. To sum up in 5 words to describe is "pain and happiness". Experience is a kind of precious wealth, will make you a lifetime. read more

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Keywords the novice webmaster to pursue together

The density of

article on the site content page, column page, web page and other pages should control the number of keywords of the page keywords a maximum of not more than 3, can be expanded to several core keywords, if you want to show a large number of keywords, also should be scattered, ensure a reasonable keyword density, search engine you think this theme is clear, and it will not be listed on the home page.

2. control keywords

keyword is selected, and how to layout to each page of the website, is the need to consider the issue, is not to say that every page of layout, this will make the overall site looks very irregular, even if too many categories are not worth mentioning. read more

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nternet radio Tunen refinance 16 million Sequoia chaseFarrell congratulations to receive a red e

3. in the shopping cart, click the next step if not logged in, then the system will prompt you to log on, and if you have available coupons, it will show you the choice.

TuneIn also announced today that the number of monthly active users has reached 40 million. TuneIn users are now free to access 7 10000 stations and 2 million on-demand on-demand programs.

1. all gift vouchers can only be used alone, and not other concessions like web gifts, buy 9 yuan, when Wednesday and Friday, special offer sale exchange special offer etc. at the same time, and can be used only once. read more

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Leveraging the blog promotion strategies to enhance the website weight method

second, after adding a chain, this construction can not ignore the blog content, after all, do blog maintenance than web site maintenance is more simple, the maintenance is the core content of the blog update, if when the blog after building a chain, to achieve the transfer of weight, if not continue to update the contents of this blog, so on the weight contribution is very low. Of course, the blog content must pay attention to the relevant degree, you can choose to be an entertainment gossip blog to import website those professional technology, the import of this blog is not able to import even weight, may have a negative effect. read more

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Love Shanghai webmaster complaints center upgrade or normal open and interactive

2, web crawling pressure, recommend the use of grasping pressure feedback tools.

after the upgrade more experience and is closely linked to

In addition to the

1, at the beginning of July 2012, for the large area K station, Shanghai love Engineer Lee position in Webmaster Platform are harming the complaint channel, at the same time: after.

can feedback from the website drop-down selection have been verified by the website, this wonderful experience.

3, the site was attacked, worried about the impact of the search rankings, recommend the use of website security testing tools. read more

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Page ranking optimization operation will learn strategies

page ranking operation

2. pages link to the location of the entrance, the inside pages of most viewed page, a fixed position on the front page of the.

The basic properties of the


The price of

is the general flow details page page page ranking for drainage consulting. The information page to get good rankings mainly depends on the quality of content, to meet the needs of users. If our information page is collected, we must learn to do the difference. From the expression format, give added value, page pictures, video etc.. So I have no people, I have excellent people. Some of the product information page, we can guide the amount into the page, such as the product page, page price. You can also put some related links and information content of the recommended product. read more

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The three Shanghai dragon cheat and harm

three: the hidden


there is a hidden keyword method is put in the background picture, it can produce great doubts on the search engine, reduces the possibility of K site early, let your website gain longer


hidden links and hidden keywords purpose is the same, is to let the search engines to crawl, but does not affect the user experience, to know more links, the weight of this web page will be higher, the search engine will be more easily included such web page! The hidden links are not for their own website but, using someone else’s site to do the black chain, so as to give their own profit! So if you want to help yourself website optimization words through hidden links, but also requires a certain ability of hackers, but now there are many sell black chain! You can also get some help in read more

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Three good classification information website optimization

classified information website there are two common problems:

page directory names

met a lot of classified information site, updated daily 1-2 article, ha ha, a new station on the line, so the frequency is very suitable for the enterprise stand for. But you are the classification of information station, Shanghai love on this site type is easy to recognize, imagine efforts to update a formal classification information website every day is like. Not only a few long article in the column on the solution. From this point of view, at least to send several posts in each column in the daily information classification. read more

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Teach you how to break the bottleneck of website optimization



in the chain, in fact many beginners even entry have been friends for a long time are rarely pay attention to this point that as long as the content of a web site, the chain, the site’s ranking will naturally come up, in fact it is not so.

, speaking, I want to say is I see a lot of the site has a large part of the site were collected, in which a part is completely didn’t do any modification collected, but the station ranking is generally not very good, one part is the result of a little bit of pseudo original, these sites have some good rankings rankings too, and those in good sites are basically their own original content, and is of high quality, in this blog is very obvious, said it is trying to tell you to break the bottleneck the content can not be ignored, every day to increase the intensity of the original site, try to ensure that fresh blood, but the content should focus on the theme of this process, I got a personal test The engine cycle is a month, in an update cycle engine must adhere to every day, but from time to time quantitative read more

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Shanghai Longfeng Optimization to consider the site conversion rate

Consider the

is ranked

navigation cannot do without the user needs

website ranking and transformation from the title and description of

forcing the user as the user active

asked a lot of people do Shanghai dragon, what do Shanghai Longfeng do? Ten nine tell you to do is to do the ranking of Shanghai dragon. Do not wrong, Shanghai dragon is to consider the site’s ranking, but the conversion rate is one of the responsibilities of your website. Order = * site traffic website conversion rate, your ranking in front, but too little into what is the use? Maybe, the boss to finally see no orders or want you to go to the web site, the ranking also dropped, complaining has attracted the boss, is The loss outweighs the gain.. So, I suggest you to consider a good web conversion rate problem in the site before. read more

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Small and medium sized enterprises to use the Shanghai dragon as a low cost marketing

price war between peers on the Internet have never stopped, the price war brings the marketing Chen is very high, very little benefit, long-term do not sense, awareness, the price war can bring to the enterprise reputation and brand such as: 360 and QQ 360, and love Shanghai war, Jingdong and Suning the price war, jiaduobao and Wong Lo Kat war, these are the use of the powerful brand each other as background role for oneself, promote their brand awareness, let users remember their own brand. The establishment of database in Shanghai Longfeng marketing inside must be used, you must use the customer contact management software, their own enterprise " read more

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Shanghai dragon Er how to simulate the search engine for thinking

is so popular in Shanghai dragon, the search engine is the natural operation of Shanghai dragon ER made the corresponding rules, as for the rule, I don’t know. Do not know does not mean that we have no good way to operation, optimization, construction of external links is the priority among priorities, again and again. So, the search engine for external links to a web site is do N algorithm and judge the quality of it. I want to know now Shanghai dragon, the search engine is biased for intentionally operating website, not to mention the malicious operation website, more hated. We regardless of whether malicious intent, which Shanghai dragon ER is not the search engine ranking in intentional operation? Not what is accidentally put a website ranking to do good? I have never seen, so we want to deliberately to operate it, and this guy is very. We don’t love to operate it, how to do? People always like this, the surface of a real one. Of course, we do have the same behavior optimization, all seem normal, are in fact we have the purpose of the operation. We all know and cite a simple example, take articles within the chain to talk about an article describing the core A is XXX B, the article just appeared XXX the word, so we have to XXX in the B article do a link, link to the A article. This point is very friendly to the user experience, search engine to give the weight of natural links is relatively high. So, I think as long as we do not too much, the search engine or judgment is not out of the word is intentional or naturally occurring. Do not tell them that they think is natural, this situation seems to improve the user experience, actually we write in order to improve the A page XXX keywords ranking and the article (part of article is naturally occurring). This is what I mean, all follow the so-called search engine user experience to operate, hidden in the operation of the following is true to our goal. read more

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The actual analysis of the cattle industry guide Station whitening

not for a long time together and we analyze website ranking, though, since the update from Shanghai some small part of the collection algorithm love love Shanghai site ranked in the first results, these sites belong to pure luck, after all the love Shanghai algorithm are still evolving, so these sites will fall sooner or later, but the author of love some non lucky websites, analyze how they get good rankings, their analysis is how to seize the user, analyze how they constitute the sale, there are many aspects is not one by one example, let the author practice together with your analysis of a cow whitening industry Taobao shopping guide passenger station. read more

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360 approximate love Shanghai frequently update algorithm for Naban margin

love Shanghai because of the pressure, so as to understand the self perfection. 360 do not do Sogou, soso, and thus more power. For the webmaster is self-evident, love the sea killing too long, will undoubtedly make the on-line search to see hope.


from the release of "love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking" low quality site announcement, we also found that this update is more striking and no substantial help users to search the site, so as to improve the user experience. At the same time, Shanghai also love accuracy are described, do not rule out individual injury, and to the webmaster, perhaps in every love Shanghai more, See rankings decline, to fall in love with the sea would complain again, but when we love Shanghai updated calm down to look at his site. The user experience is really the ideal? read more

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Hebei Shanghai Longfeng xing’er submission is the most effective way to get traffic

star, the original, the original address: 贵族宝贝125贵族宝贝/ -youhua/546.html

This map is , thank you for your cooperation! Thus: Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon


in the business circle game star, since that is very hard, whether it is in the station optimization or optimization in the station have made thoughtful. But Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er forget a very important thing is to contribute, contribute is the most effective method to obtain the flow. The following facts to speak, there are only the truth: read more

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Download site of Shanghai dragon optimization skills

in software description, consistency must focus on the content and function of the software, for example, now some love to use some download station to crack this keyword, and users to download the software, find or trial version, not cracked version, which not only affect the user download experience, also can let Shanghai feel love this website has infringement must, at the same time the correlation is not qualified, thereby affecting the weight of the website.

here to remind a little, that is to download website > read more

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Don’t complain about WeChat search which in itself is not a hot demand

Chinese Internet search, do not have enough features and technology to ensure there is no way out. So, immediately even Ali cloud this kind of vertical search have crashed already explained the problem. But when WeChat search appears, everyone applauded, not because of how WeChat excellent quality of service, but because WeChat search is China grafting newbest Internet products – WeChat, which rely on the source of content is public account such a tall thing, everyone is full of expectations and seemingly a reasonable place to. read more

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