Watching American TV learning Entrepreneurship the HBO comedy Silicon Valley taught me 6 things abo

4. is the best delivery for

I mean the unification of the price system, which means that the retail price of the product sold in all places should be unified, so that when we promote it, users will not be lost to other places. Some products sold on the Internet is very chaotic, what prices are there, Taobao sold dozens of dollars, the shop selling hundreds of such vicious competition, we all sell well.

hole in the brain are very large, often come up with some seemingly shiny.

play is who actually owns the intellectual property rights of the Pied Piper team IP. At first, chief executive Richard was hired by Hooli, the fictional technology giant Hooli, similar to shlf1314 in reality. Later, Hooli sued Pied Piper, claiming that the latter’s technology should have belonged to itself and intended to recapture the intellectual property. read more

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Once the high network marketing outsourcing to provide guarantee for the stable operation of Shenzhe

fourth: perfect customer service service

method of the operation of the site is increasing, such as advertising investment and various bidding and so on, but the short-term promotion brings these means the final non permanent solution is to burn, input and output is not proportional to. The long-term effect and site optimization can not be compared, after all, after optimization stable ranking and flow are visible to the naked eye, but also can always use resources website.

?First, the quality and quantity of read more

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How to be love sharing website of Shanghai alliance members

form is submitted, the love of Shanghai suggested that in 1 days to review, so I will just have to wait. In fact, when I submit the application, I did not hold out much hope, because before I think we all love Shanghai alliance, difficult to pass, and. Above Taobao love Shanghai alliance account even sold 250 yuan. Below is the love of Shanghai alliance registration confirmation message:

Analysis of

, I successfully entered the next step, asked to fill in the payee bank accounts and other relevant information, finally to verify the mobile phone number, mobile phone verification after clicking the submit form to (I am not here to provide screenshots). read more

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How to use the rival and love Shanghai changes to optimize the site

, then the author will give you a try under the assistance of examples to explain.

, a new and old station treat different attitude

can be seen outside the chain of this site showed a slow upward trend, but I really tell you, I have to do a little early in the chain, it has been more than a month to do not >

if we build website just ordinary new sites, so do not get rich quick, don’t want to crawl. If you start to update the content a lot, it is easy to search engine for collection site, perhaps the early collection will be relatively objective, but in terms of the increase or decrease obviously, very unfavorable to the search engine. Every day one or two of the original article, is too slow, the operation time is too long, and if by some slightly weight site fancy, and you will be the original editor. So the new update content means the best use of capacity is moderate, 80% (original + pseudo original) and 20% acquisition. read more

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On the local site optimization techniques the long tail keywords is very important

local website because the scope is fixed, can provide the various line activities, Shanghai dragon is not only can be done online, the line is also very important, but also the modern meaning of Shanghai Longfeng issues need to be considered, because of the popularity of the site is an important factor in determining the effect of Shanghai dragon. To improve the visibility of the site is not only the line of work, the line key.


failure case: the author of a friend, a local second-hand housing site, because he wanted to improve the site traffic, do a lot of the keywords, such as "second-hand housing information" such words, the flow of import is invalid flow (no conversion), the customer is concerned with local information, do not pay attention to other city information. Because a large amount of energy spent on national key words, and reduce the local keywords of the Shanghai dragon, the conversion rate is very low, one year of operation, the final closing. read more

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nterpretation a simple summary of Shanghai Dragon Figure

6, flow, to enhance the ranking. The user must you, he will love you, click on your search, you. Search for you, the ranking will be due to the.

7, have included rankings, can help. More and more pages to get ranked, weights in the corresponding promotion, search engine more comfortable for you, new pages and content more easily be included.

how can the most simple to speak to the Shanghai dragon network series? And can speak organized and clear? This is the company prior to the second picture editor of Shanghai Longfeng share, this figure is a triangle, which contains the core of Shanghai dragon noun and its relationship, I do not know if I have spoken very well, but I know that this map read web series must have a future. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng inventory in 2011 ten major areas of Shanghai Longfeng event

, a Google PR value update

But since then it seems

2011 is in the past, many websites are busy doing a year end summary and inventory, for people who understand the Shanghai dragon is also necessary to the development of Shanghai dragon circle, at least know the past year Shanghai dragon is how the development and changes, as well as some important events happened in Shanghai dragon industry. Xiao Jun will share with everyone several events of the 2011 Shanghai Longfeng area, look together.

three, Shanghai dragon WHY ranking fluctuation read more

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Talk about how to improve the quality of bidding keywords love Shanghai

4. is generally low many units or plan set price. I have a new one account the first time the price term unified set of the entire account is 5 yuan. A few days later did not promote the quality of the original account dips, I thought it was my idea or key problem, tried countless ways or invalid, eventually had to love Shanghai customer service consulting, customer service directly to a Beijing you only a 5 yuan to go, then I put all words in all accounts high, not two days of recovery and quality. This phenomenon often occurs in some big city. read more

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Friendly to effectively adjust the station search engine for website promotion details

as everyone knows, website optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization of the two key links, as a new website to put aside the conventional construction process optimization and the chain construction content, the site itself code and details of the structure adjustment to the search engine spiders, increase the spider grab is to obtain the efficiency of indirect search engine favor, as a webmaster how to adjust our web page, do the routine optimization before details of work? I think we should through the analysis of several aspects, we’re short continued to enter today’s theme of gossip. read more

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BBS signature chain is canceled or down right

, the first hit Shanghai dragon website, blog, win more users bidding;

3, love does not necessarily solve the technical problems of Shanghai, Shanghai to love how to distinguish the signature of the chain and Links other links with the door? The teacher’s words: "the link has no value, should not exist in.

? ! There was

3, day and night will not in the grassroots effort spent in the Forum: irrigation, buy top stick machine, looking for the original website posted website and so on, we will have more time to manage their own, looking for the chain form of higher quality, and that the site has better performance. read more

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The enterprise should how to choose the right product keywords

key words: regional;Keywords

+ modifier + keywords;

first we open our website list of products and services, we will see it again from A to Z website products, then use Notepad were recorded, extraction of a product, stop thinking about the following questions:

4. when I find the potential customers of this product in the search engine, what keywords it may use? (both Internet users search habits)

Keywords: Keywords Keywords

way to start setting Keywords:

keyword is one of the most important process of a website in Shanghai Longfeng elements, choose keywords right can let you realize the purpose of Shanghai dragon. Keywords cannot be decided by Shanghai dragon Er subjective consciousness, but determined by the search engines, it must be search engine users search habits. We can use the search engine itself for reference. read more

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Some of the formal study of Shanghai dragon after the novice

secondly, during the study could not remember impetuous, learn anything overnight. Learn not to gamble, a Yiyao dice bell will know the result. As the old saying goes, Shanghai dragon is the proof of the pudding time effect. At the beginning of learning, my approach is also very eager to follow the teacher’s day, see the effect, but the effect is not ideal, I also once had thought of giving up, after all the training is to spend money, but I still insist on down, with learning skills increase day by day, Shanghai Longfeng effect is more and more obvious the. read more

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Small and medium enterprise website optimization strategies four

in the opinion of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a two word, a word that means "update", of course, this update contains the station outside the station and the station outside the station is updated, the content that is outside the chain. The two refers to the user and search engine, the good users say, users feel good search engine will also feel good, not to please the latter make some people cannot read things on their own website, do some things jiezeeryu. No matter how much business, the website main keywords generally chosen to locate 3-6 (choose to follow the principle of maximum flow), and then through the description information of keywords and long tail keywords radiation. In row > read more

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The basic points of enterprise homepage layout

home page with two or three columns for

navigation using mixed mode placement

Vertical navigation

module layout considerations

The front page of

navigation station layout of enterprises are generally divided into horizontal navigation, the middle of the head (side navigation), the bottom of the bottom navigation. Throughout the enterprise station is mostly used dual navigation mode, better search engine optimization ideas, now rarely see single navigation mode, the enterprise station due to the above screen number limit, led directly to the home page keyword layout is too low, the author suggested that the enterprise stand with the bottom navigation (may be appropriate to increase the keyword density, and according to the simulation of search engine crawling mode, namely the search engine finally climbed to the bottom of the home, so at the bottom of a layout within the chain navigation is necessary, i.e.) three models of hybrid layout. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng exclusive chain the use of dry cargo voting model new fast ranking operation

preferred, from the official told us the information that the chain is effective user recommendation, and the garbage chain mostly exists in the collection link, search results link, and cheating in most of the chain in the black chain, standing outside the chain. Today we use the model to think about the topic for discussion behind the two, we only discuss the first chain form, also is we often say that the chain.

see here, I want to have a lot of friends will then say, quick click ranking can do the same, of course, here I hereby declare that, since it is outside the chain to operate the new fast voting model ranking, so we do not click traffic related to the operation of the station in any way ranking. read more

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Search engine optimization new term marketing SOM


new term: SOM= Shanghai dragon +SEM

I have been immersed in the electricity network marketing industry since 05 years, and have also considered the ponder". From the early "love" to the crazy Shanghai dragon, to develop network marketing solutions to the enterprise. Large and small sites also play less than a hundred, the success and failure have a lot of experience. To sum up in 5 words to describe is "pain and happiness". Experience is a kind of precious wealth, will make you a lifetime. read more

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Keywords the novice webmaster to pursue together

The density of

article on the site content page, column page, web page and other pages should control the number of keywords of the page keywords a maximum of not more than 3, can be expanded to several core keywords, if you want to show a large number of keywords, also should be scattered, ensure a reasonable keyword density, search engine you think this theme is clear, and it will not be listed on the home page.

2. control keywords

keyword is selected, and how to layout to each page of the website, is the need to consider the issue, is not to say that every page of layout, this will make the overall site looks very irregular, even if too many categories are not worth mentioning. read more

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nternet radio Tunen refinance 16 million Sequoia chaseFarrell congratulations to receive a red e

3. in the shopping cart, click the next step if not logged in, then the system will prompt you to log on, and if you have available coupons, it will show you the choice.

TuneIn also announced today that the number of monthly active users has reached 40 million. TuneIn users are now free to access 7 10000 stations and 2 million on-demand on-demand programs.

1. all gift vouchers can only be used alone, and not other concessions like web gifts, buy 9 yuan, when Wednesday and Friday, special offer sale exchange special offer etc. at the same time, and can be used only once. read more

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Leveraging the blog promotion strategies to enhance the website weight method

second, after adding a chain, this construction can not ignore the blog content, after all, do blog maintenance than web site maintenance is more simple, the maintenance is the core content of the blog update, if when the blog after building a chain, to achieve the transfer of weight, if not continue to update the contents of this blog, so on the weight contribution is very low. Of course, the blog content must pay attention to the relevant degree, you can choose to be an entertainment gossip blog to import website those professional technology, the import of this blog is not able to import even weight, may have a negative effect. read more

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Love Shanghai webmaster complaints center upgrade or normal open and interactive

2, web crawling pressure, recommend the use of grasping pressure feedback tools.

after the upgrade more experience and is closely linked to

In addition to the

1, at the beginning of July 2012, for the large area K station, Shanghai love Engineer Lee position in Webmaster Platform are harming the complaint channel, at the same time: after.

can feedback from the website drop-down selection have been verified by the website, this wonderful experience.

3, the site was attacked, worried about the impact of the search rankings, recommend the use of website security testing tools. read more

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