Notre Dame student government in brief

first_imgGraduate Student Union The Graduate Student Union (GSU) has achieved several goals this semester, including changing its constitution, planning social events and coordinating a graduate research symposium, president Victoria Froude said. One of the group’s major achievements this year was passing the non-discrimination clause that was added to the GSU constitution, Froude said. Froude said the GSU has coordinated several social events. GSU is also planning its third annual Graduate Research Symposium, which will take place Feb. 4, Froude said. The group’s main goals involve improving graduate student life in general. “This year, we have focused on improving funding opportunities for graduate students, support and inclusion for international students and a family friendly policy for students with spouses and children,”���Froude said. Club Coordination Council The Club Coordination Council (CCC) allocated funds to clubs for this semester and will organize a much smaller winter reallocation of funds for next semester, president Kayla Delgado said. Clubs applied for funds last spring during the spring allocation process, Delgado said. “We get requests for more money than we receive from the Financial Management Board, but we do the best that we can to [help] the clubs,” CCC member Lauren Dugas said. Clubs can apply for more funds either through participation in winter reallocation or by appealing for funds for specific events,” Delgado said. “There is a winter reallocation process in which we do have the opportunity to allocate additional funds to clubs who apply,” Delgado said. There are two appeal funds controlled by the CCC, Delgado said. One is for clubs who have unexpected expenses with a specific event and the other is for clubs collaborating to put on an event. Financial Management Board The Financial Management Board (FMB) approved the allocation of funds to student groups for the 2010-2011 academic year, and will coordinate a reallocation of funds for the spring semester, Student Union Treasurer Sarah Hurtubise said. FMB monitors the financial activity of student organizations, as well as the distribution of funds for The Shirt Charity Fund. The Board must approve any events or expenses over $5,000. Hurtubise said not many changes have taken place this year regarding the allocation of funds. However, Hall Presidents Council did receive $1,000 more funding than last year because of the addition of Ryan Hall, she said. Hurtubise said the Off-Campus Council altered its constitution this year, making improvements from previous years. “We have a slightly bigger pool for winter reallocations, so we’re looking forward to helping out some more groups,” she said. Hurtubise said groups will soon give presentations to the Financial Management Board about why they need additional funds, and decisions about reallocation will be made from there. Hall Presidents Council Hall Presidents’ Council (HPC) has continued to improve pep rallies and promote dorm participation in the rallies this year, HPC executive co-chair Alexa Doyle said. The Council worked closely with student government and the University administration to improve the rallies, Doyle said. “We asked the hall presidents what their residents liked and didn’t like about the rallies,” Doyle said. “We also wanted to make it easier for people to attend the pep rallies.” HPC also oversaw dorm signature events and will continue to encourage attendance at dorm events for the remainder of the year. Doyle said HPC will do so through increased advertising and brother-sister dorm interaction for the remainder of the year. She said attendance increased at dorm events because of brother and sister dorms attending each other’s events. “HPC is an integral link to most of the student body,” Doyle said. “We want to use it as an outlet to make dorm events more well known and well attended.” Senior Class Council The Senior Class Council spent the first part of the semester focusing on community relations. Senior Class president Kate Clitheroe said the Council partnered with the Career Center to host a barbeque at the beginning of the semester. Clitheroe said the Council is planning a February service and networking event in Chicago, as well as a Press Box Dinner. “I am proud of the Senior Class Council’s commitment,” Clitheroe said. “Most events next semester will focus on post-graduate needs, including networking and establishing a way to keep in contact [with one another]. “And Senior Week planning is in full swing.” Junior Class Council The Junior Class Council found success in their philanthropy committee so far this year, class president James J. Ward said. The Council provided class members with the opportunity to raise money for flood relief in Pakistan and held the “She’s the First Campaign,” which assists underprivileged girls in attending school, Ward said. Ward said the junior class can expect more social events off campus next semester, including a dance called the “Chicago Ball,” to take place in downtown Chicago. “I’m really happy that we’ve managed to get the class to come to so many of our events even though half of their friends are abroad,” Ward said. Sophomore Class Council The Sophomore Class Council held the first ever Domecoming Week, full of class activities, class president Brett Rocheleau said. The week included a dodgeball tournament and a “Domecoming” dance that over 600 sophomores attended. The Council also hosted other events, including a Christmas party with kids from the Center for the Homeless, a class rosary and a class Mass. The Council is planning an ice skating event, as well as a poker tournament, for second semester. “Hopefully we will continue to have an event ever other week in the second semester,” Rocheleau said. Freshman Class Council Members of the Freshman Class Council used the first semester to adjust to student government and to host fundraising, social and service events, class president Heather Eaton said. The Council co-hosted the Yule Ball dance with the Sophomore Class Council and is currently in the process of selling their first piece of class apparel to students. Members are planning many events for second semester, including an informal forum on the topic of spirituality, a class Mass and selling Class of 2014 merchandise. “I am so proud of our Council’s dedication and enthusiasm,” Eaton said.last_img