OIS: Notre Dame students are safe in Cairo

first_imgAs protests continue in Egypt, the 12 Notre Dame students currently studying at the American University of Cairo (AUC) are safe, according to a Friday website update from Notre Dame’s Office of International Studies (OIS). The note, directed toward the parents of students in Cairo, said OIS heard from one of the students via telephone. While students do not have Internet or mobile phone access, AUC officials allowed them to make one-minute phone calls from land lines. “OIS has received a voicemail from one of our Cairo students, calling on behalf of all of them,” the note stated. “They are all safe at the student residence in Zamalek.” Judy Hutchinson, program coordinator of Cairo study abroad, said the students are staying in their residences. “They are instructed not to participate in or otherwise go anywhere near the protests,” Hutchinson said. According to the website note to parents, AUC officials are advising the 12 Notre Dame students. Hutchinson said there are no Notre Dame faculty or staff members with the students in Cairo. “They are obeying the curfew and, as instructed, have not ventured from their residences nor in anyway been involved in any of the protests,” the note stated. “There are AUC officials in residence at Zamalek that are there to act as advisors to our students.” The note also said OIS is monitoring events in Cairo and expects updates from the AUC New York Office.last_img