Mayor Eisenberger says tariffs are a bullying tactic

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger joined CHCH to talk about how Trump’s import tariffs will affect Hamilton locals.“We’ve been concerned about it right from the very beginning when these tariffs were proposed tariffs an now that they’re a reality, the likelihood of there being job impacts has increased significantly.”“The other impact is the price of consumer products, and that’s almost immediate. If you put a 25% surtax on top of price of steel then anything steel related is going to go up in price by 25% as well.”The mayor says these products include cars, major appliances and toasters.He says the imposed tariffs are a “bullying tactic” and it will have a negative impact on everyone because not only will the prices go up in Canada, they will also go up in the U.S.Adam Atkinson reports on how the tariffs will affect local steel businesses and how the costs will be passed onto consumers.Click here to watch