Not blown away by Baker

first_imgDon’t forget how good Andrew Luck is when healthyAndrew Luck looked good in his first action since misssing most of the last two seasons with a shoulder injury, and Colin thinks he’s ready to make an impressive comeback. He compared Luck’s career to Aerosmith, who were great initially, had a downturn, then returned to the top.This time around, Luck has a better supporting cast, a better front office, and is healthy for the first time in years. It’s easy to forget how good Andrew Luck is because he’s been gone, but he looks primed for a big return. Not blown away by BakerThe majority of the media was slobbering over Baker Mayfield’s NFL preseason debut against the Giants where he threw for over 200 yards and 2 TD’s. Colin wasn’t as impressed as most.He thought Mayfield looked fine, but he wasn’t wowed over his performance, and thinks that the bar for Mayfield should be higher because he was the #1 overall pick in the draft. he was more impressed with Tyrod Taylor, who led an impressive scoring drive against New York’s first team defense, than Mayfield. Also:– Saquon Barkley needs a compliment backGuests:Eric Dickerson – FS1 NFL Analyst and Pro Football Hall of Famer is in-studio on why Baker Mayfield’s preseason debut was so impressive.Rob Parker – FS1 Analyst is in-studio on why Andy Reid is the problem in Kansas City, not Pat Mahomes.Brady Quinn – Former NFL QB weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s debut, and why he has concerns about Andrew Lucks arm strength.Jay Glazer – Fox Sports NFL Insider joins the show to explain why he was impressed with Steelers’ camp; and why he is impressed with Baker Mayfield.last_img