A good idea for college students to start their summer vacation

summer vacation began, the brains of students who do not play games at home to sleep, but think of entrepreneurial ideas, but students not much money, do not have much experience in addition to stall, fast food and other traditional forms, college students entrepreneurship practice summer what new ideas? Xiamen University road just to undertake sponsored by Xiamen Unicom new brochure — Campus pages, current team building has been completed, the team members will take to the streets pulling ads. His purpose is not just for China Unicom to work to earn a little money so simple, want to exercise through the project members, building a team of its own sales team". read more

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How to reduce the cost of small business

small business originally aimed at those who do not have too much capital entrepreneurs, venture capital project is undoubtedly a big spending, look at how to be able to reduce the cost of small entrepreneurial projects to pay it.

must first be prepared: to have to endure hardship and the spirit of diligence, never yield in spite of reverses, there must be the right direction and methods, have good planning and design life. We should make full use of existing resources, to play their own initiative, to play to their strengths and weaknesses, to be good at taking advantage of. Here are a few examples of low cost startups l intelligent industry, these industries, people with special knowledge or skills can be low-cost business, do not need a large investment in capital, only the intellectual investment. Specialty, expertise, such as management ability, marketing ability, patent. Many examples of this. Such as famous writers, lawyers, senior engineers, professional managers, inventors, etc.. In fact, personal intelligence and expertise is a resource. read more

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nnovative solutions for vertical B2B sites


community for a vertical B2B website, is one of the most important part of the user stickiness, it is essential to establish the website promotion, brand building, customer loyalty, the construction must be vertical B2B website community in a crucial position.

but the current industry vertical B2B website too much, some a small industry, there are nearly 10 B2B sites, almost every B2B website has a forum, but many web sites is the basic decoration, because too few participants, not enough to produce value forum. Forum most of the use of mobile network forum, there is no personalized, according to the actual situation of the industry, tailored to the appropriate forum. read more

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Jia Yueting am one of the world’s poorest CEO 8 house less than 200 square

NetEase Francisco November 9th news, November 9th news, today morning, LETV held communication will invite investors, institutional investors and management face other problems of LETV strategic initiatives and further concern to investors.

at the exchange, the music as Holding Group founder, chairman, CEO Jia Yueting said he is the world’s poorest CEO, no one.

talked about entrepreneurship, Jia Yueting said he is the world’s poorest CEO, no one." I put all my money into the music as the ecological system, we are a family of 8 people, is now living in a house less than 200 square meters. I hope to put all the funds, energy into the music as the cause of the ecological. Jia Yueting said. read more

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